Reminder: Closed until Thursday January 7th

Also, Mission Burger is closed and will re-open January 2nd.

Happy Holidays!


Thursday December 17th: Vegan Night for the Western Addition Senior Center

Dear Vegans,

No hard feelings okay?

Yours Truly,


MSF profits will go to the Western Addition Senior Center, which provides delivered meals for 200 seniors, and lunches for 125 at four senior centers (W. Addition, John King, Rosa Parks and Bayview Hunter's Point).


*pear salad: pickled grapes, mache, edamame puree, celery granita, mint - $7

*smoky eggplant tostada with caramelized brussels sprouts, fried plantain, shishito pepper, cilantro salsa - $6

*sesame-avocado brown rice with konbu, beech mushroom, toasted nori - $7

*roasted tomato stew with artichoke, chard, fried chick peas - $7

*daikon and cauliflower tempura with warm coconut reduction, dill, white shoyu - $7

*vegan burger flatbread: fava-chickpea patty with roasted kale, shitake, edamame and scallions; topped with guacamole, shaved fennel and sambal on a homemade flatbread - $7

*broccoli rabe with garlic confit, maitake, hashbrown, macadamia butter, shaved truffle - $10

*lung shan's vegan delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

*cacao and banana handpie with spiced walnuts and lychee-"buttercream" - $5

* = vegan food


Year End Wrap Up

Our last MSF of the year will be next Thursday December 17th with a Vegan Menu (okay maybe two vegetarian dishes).

We'll be closed this Saturday so we can serve late night Mission Burgers. Stay tuned for details. Or if you're going to be in a bar in the inner mission, direct message missionburger on twitter and we'll see about delivery.


Through November, MSF donated $17623, and conducted side benefits with The Food Pantry for $1522. Since late August, Mission Burger and Duc Loi have raised $2616 for the SF Food Bank. Your support makes a difference.


Thursday December 10th: Offal Menu and Industry Happy Hour for Foodrunners

This Thursday we're putting all of our eggs into one basket, only they're not eggs, they're chicken livers breaded in cornflakes and the basket is the left side of the deep fryer. But why split hairs (when you can split bones for marrow)? Come break [crispy sweet]bread[s] with us.

Since this is kind of a foodie menu, we're going to stay open for an industry happy hour from 11pm to midnight with food and drink specials.

MSF profits will go to Foodrunners which picked up and delivered 117,470 pounds (!) of food in the month of November. Volunteers performed 864 runs and the truck did 217. Even if you don't want to volunteer any time or energy, you can still make a big difference by just spreading awareness so that leftovers from holiday parties or other events find a home. Call 415-929-1866 and get a truck to come pick up and redistribute any food prepared in a professional kitchen.


charcoal grilled tripe with preserved melon, salmon roe, sweet herbs, shallot pickles, bitter greens - $9

crispy sweetbreads with spicy scallop crudo, pear and elderflower soubise, pea leaves, white soy - $13

country-fried chicken livers with brussels spouts, buttermilk dressing - $7

roasted bone marrow with fresh dill, tomato toast - $7

seared beef tongue with blackened grits, spicy mustard greens, pickled anchovy - $9

trotter flatbread: ham hock rillette, cornichon, sauce gribiche, on a homemade flatbread - $6.5

foie gras sundae: vanilla ice cream, huckleberry compote, shaved foie, corn pops - $7


Saturday December 5th: Aromatics Menu for Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center

"The olfactory receptors in our nasal passages can detect many hundreds of volatile molecules that are small and chemically repelled by water, and therefore fly out of the food and into the air in our mouth. The sensations from our mouth give us an idea of a food's basic composition and qualities, while our sense of smell allows us to make much finer discriminations" - Harold McGee

And because we at MSF always aspire to "finer discriminations," Saturday's menu will highlight a vartiety of aromatics. MSF profits will go to the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, food distribution program, which feeds about 400 people each week. The BHNC also offers an array of Youth, senior and housing services.


Grapefruit and Nori Edamame: blistered shishito peppers, sea salt - $5

Truffled Egg: slow egg, caramelized maitake, mushroom brodo, parmesan crouton, chard, shaved truffle - $9

Bay Leaf Scented Crawfish: 1 pound of crawfish in soy caramel with chili and garlic. Served with fine vermicelli, fresh herbs, peanuts, pickles and nouc cham - $10

Smoky BLT: benton's bacon with pickled cherry tomato, iceberg lettuce, smokehouse aioli on a homemade flatbread - $6

Coffee and Cigarettes Short Rib: coffee braised with date-tobacco jam, fried yucca, caramelized onion, dandelion - $12

Chamomile Poached Catfish: with lemongrass sabayon, sauteed lettuce, fried okra - $10

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Olive Oil Financier: with rosemary creme anglaise and marcona brittle - $6

Burnt Cinnamon Pannacotta: with orange caramel and chocolate cookie - $4.5


Thursday December 3rd: Food Not Bombs Night

This Thursday we are excited to have Thomas Martinez, former executive chef of Mission Beach Cafe as our guest chef. Thomas has also worked at Aziza, Greens and Roots. He'll be presenting a menu using farmers market produce and Becker Lane organic pork, highlighting a seasonal progressive cuisine.

A portion of Thomas' proceeds as well as MSF profits will go to Food Not Bombs. San Francisco Food Not Bombs is entirely volunteer driven and serves food to the needy five days a week. Contact them to get involved, or just prepare some food and bring it to their next scheduled distribution.


**Shaved Persimmons and Pears with fennel, celery root, meyer lemon, pistachio, chervil, and bacon vinaigrette - $7

*Monterey Calimari with pickled Kale, brussel sprouts, peppercress, spiced cashews, citrus vinaigrette - $9

Becker Lane Pork Ribs with stewed nettles, cauliflower, mushrooms, cornbread - $8

**Root Vegetable Rissotto with winter herbs, organic parmesan regiano - $6

PB & J: Crispy Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Belly with marinated jicama, cilantro aioli and pickled jalapenos - $6.5

Beef and Maitake Soup with daikon confit, charred scallion, dill sour cream - $7

**Sesame-Avocado Brown Rice with beech mushroom, grilled treviso - $7

**Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

*Hachiya Persimmon Gooey Cake with vanilla, pomegranate, almonds, cardamom creme fraiche - $6

*Green Tea Semifreddo with valrhona chocolate sauce, shaved apple - $4.5

* = vegetarian/vegetarian option
** = vegan/vegan option


-$230 to Tenderloin Tessies, $220 to Free Farm Stand, $240 to the Women's Community Clinic, $450 to St. Anthony Foundation

-Special Thanks again to Elyse Winery for their generous wine donation. It resulted in us being able to serve really first rate wine for a couple nights and $408 to The Food Pantry--about enough for an entire weeks supply of food.

-If you would like to donate something we can use as a fundraiser, we'd be happy to give you publicity and a receipt for the donation. Just email us at missionstreetfood@gmail.com


Closed for the week. Open Again Thursday December 3rd

MSF will be closed for the week and will return on Thursday December 3rd.

Mission Burger will close Thursday and Friday, but resume its normal schedule on Saturday. If you work with people in need, please let them know that there will be a free Thanksgiving meal at Duc Loi starting at noon on Thursday.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Saturday November 21st: Foreign Invasion of Thanksgiving for Tenderloin Tessie Holiday Dinners

A Polish guy walks into a bar and says to the bartender, "gulgotac gulgotac!" Bartender says to the guy, "I don't speak Polish buddy." Guy says "gobble gobble!" Bartender says, "Oh I should have known you were a turkey from your disgusting red face and inordinately large breastal region." Then the bartender eats the guy. Get it? These days even the Polish have a word for gobble like a turkey.

In recognition of the recognition of Thanksgiving around the world, we'll just go ahead and do what every American would consider sacrilegious: f*ck with Thanksgiving Dinner.

Profits to Tenderloin Tessie Holiday Dinners, an all volunteer organization, which has been offering free Easter and Thanksgiving meals to a thousand people for over 30 years.

Once again, thanks to a gracious donation by Elyse Winery, profits from all wine purchases will go directly to The Food Pantry.


French Onion French Dip: turkey confit, duck fat-onions and gruyere fondue on acme roll, served with turkey jus - $8

Turkish Turkey: smoked, fried and za'atar dusted wings, served with tzatziki and salad of pear, celery, feta, and cranberry - $8

Dirty South Stuffing: cornbread, collards, ham hocks, giblets - $6

Mashed Potato with Beef Mole - $6

Sake-Mirin Creamed Corn - $4.5

Szechuan Green Bean Casserole - $6

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Ras El Hanout Pumpkin Pie with coriander condensed milk - $6


Thursday November 19th: Booze Night for Ladies Night

As the holiday season approaches we are getting into the spirit by celebrating booze in many forms. We are excited to offer wine graciously donated by Elyse Winery, which has received numerous accolades in Wine Spectator, Wine Advocate and Wine Enthusiast. Proceeds from wine sales will go directly to The Food Pantry. In line with our traditionally low corkage, bottles will be sold for half retail price.

We'll also have guest pastry chef Steven Gdula of Gobba Gobba Hey and author of The Warmest Room in the House: How the Kitchen Became the Heart of the Twentieth-Century American Home. MSF will be presenting a special alcohol themed menu to precipitate the eating, drinking and being merry.

Profits will go to Ladies Night – a collaborative program of the Women’s Community Clinic, the Mission Neighborhood Resource Center, and the Haight Youth Alliance. Ladies night is a weekly drop-in night for women only, from 6-8pm, which serves up to 70 women a hot meal, and provides hygiene supplies, a needle exchange, case management and mental health services. In it's 5th year, Ladies Night is often the only full, sit down meal that many of it's clients eat in a given week.

Email us at MSFreservations@gmail.com with your name, time and party size if you'd like to make a reservation. Or, if you're feeling lucky and you speak Chinese, you can call the land line.


*Goat cheese, olive crumble, salad of satsuma mandarin, fennel and treviso, with gin-lemon vinaigrette - $7

Drunken squid: squid sashimi in aged sake, served with chorizo spring rolls - $9

*Apple and Celery Root-Beer Bread with roasted kale and brie - $8

*Thai Chili-Cointreau chicken wings with golden chive chow mein - $8

Mesquite Grilled, whiskey glazed ribs with bacon-y mustard greens - $11

Vodka Battered Oyster Flatbread with avocado, cucumber and pickled jalapeno - $7

*Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Gob Tasting Flight: 1) Chocolate Raspberry Fennel with Absinthe 2) Buttered Rum with Spiced Pumpkin 3)Irish Coffee - $6

Humphry Slocombe Secret Breakfast Ice Cream - $3.25 per scoop

*vegetarian or vegetarian option available


Saturday November 14th: Egg Tasting Menu for the St. Anthony Foundation

This Saturday we are putting all of our eggs in one basket with a menu highlighting eggs in various forms. Some egg dishes are classic preparations with delicious accompaniments. Others are experimental preparations, but still with delicious accompaniments. Still others are delicious preparations with accompanying dishes. Joining us in the kitchen will be our first guest Asian flavor consultant Danny "World Champion" Bowien.

Seriously though, we are not laying an egg with this menu...not unless we're geese and it's the golden egg. Naw'meen?

MSF profits will go to the St Anthony Foundation, which serves over 2,600 meals per day--365 days a year--and provides medical services, clothing, and housewares to those in need.

Reminder that we are taking reservations for the whole night. Send an email to MSFreservations@gmail.com with name, party size and preferred time.


Grilled mackerel with egg salad, pickled beet, horseradish, dill - $9

Bacon cheeseburger scotch eggs - yolks wrapped in aged ground beef, benton's bacon and drizzled with cheddar beer sauce - $7

Griddled English muffin, cripsy berkshire pork belly, fried egg, caramelized brussels sprouts, bearnaise sauce - $8

Warm egg custard with pulled pork, granny smith, ham broth and wilted greens - $7

Stout braised creekstone farm short rib with coffee-cured slow egg, housemade gnocchi, shaved button mushroom, pea shoots, brown butter tuile - $12

Vegetarian fried rice omelet: with bacos, roasted kale, smoky cauliflower, edamame, maitake, scallion, garlic confit, topped with nori soil - $8

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Egg Nog Milkshake with Lipitor biscotti - $5

* * *


catch MSF on Pirate Cat Radio this Sunday at 4pm or later here.


Thursday November 12th: Mini Meals Community Dinner Night

This Thursday we're pleased to have Nick Castellanos as guest chef. Nick has worked at Farallon, Bocadillos, Corso and Zax Tavern and is currently sous chef at Sidebar in Oakland. Nick was born in Napa and his menu showcases Mediterranean, Asian and NorCal influences.

MSF profits will go to sponsor a Mini Meals Community Dinner. Mini Meals is a free program for youth (ages 7-12) promoting sustainable and healthy eating habits. The class will be having it's first annual community dinner, open and free to the public, at the West Sunset Rec Center. The idea is for the kids to wait tables, bus and cook (with guidance) for anyone in the city (but targeting low-income families in the Sunset). The community dinner will be held from 7:30pm to 8:30pm on November 18th at 3223 Ortega (at 39th Ave). More information is available by calling 415.753.7047, or on-line here.


Seared ahi poke with jalapeño, grilled pineapple, shallot, cucumber-lemongrass "water", leek & cilantro salad - $11

"ratatouille" with eggplant purée, roasted bell pepper, grilled zuchini, slow-roasted tomatoes, pickled cherry tomatoes & parsley pesto - $8

Braised ox tail with horseradish brown butter roasted spaghetti squash, huckleberry Demi, "gremolata" - $10

Chanterelle & goat cheese dumplings in bacon broth with confit pistachios - $8

Vegetarian cassoulet, with roasted kale and leek, garlic confit, pearl onion, maitake mushroom and cannelini beans - $7

Aged Angus NY Strip and blue cheese nachos with, granny smith, caramelized brussels sprouts, marjoram - $9

Peking flatbread - Duck Confit, Duck cracklins, cucumber, scallion, cilantro and thai chili hoisin - $7.5

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup

Apple sopapilla with lemon cream - $6

Humphry Slocombe Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream - $3.25 per scoop


$180 to Project Open Hand; $140 to CCDC Food Pantry; $150 to the Glide Memorial Church Free Daily Meals program; $340 to Groceries for Seniors; $240 to At the Crossroads.


Saturday November 7th: Remix Night

A good remix can transcend even a classic. This Saturday we're reinterpreting a bunch of classic foods by adding some new flavors, amplifying existing flavors, and changing textures. Okay, transcend is a little ambitious, but we expect it to be worthwhile, and not that lame crap where someone puts out a cover and it's just pointlessly similar to the original, or worse yet, nauseatingly uninspired.

MSF profits will go to Groceries for Seniors which provides food for almost 1,200 seniors a week. The entire program is run by one employee--the founder, John Meehan--and relies heavily on volunteer support.


*Melon and Prosciutto: with fresh mozzarella, midori vinaigrette, basil oil, toasted hazelnut - $7

Deconstructed Meatloaf: braised ground beef, beef jus, griddled slow egg, ketchup crouton - $10

*Halibut Fish n Chips - Battered with tartar gratin - $13

Pork n' Beans - Smoky pulled pork, Benton's bacon-baked beans - $8

*Caesar Sandwich: Crispy oil-cured chicken, garlic-anchoiade, sieved egg, romaine - $6.5

*Veggie Fried Rice: Seared cauliflower, roasted kale, maitake, shitake, edamame, fennel, scallion, burssels sprouts, truffled soy - $7

*Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Milk & Cookies: Malted Milk Cookies with Cookie Milkshake - $5.5

Apple Pie with cheddar and chantilly cream - $6

* = vegetarian or vegetarian option available


Thursday November 5th: Nombe Sneak Preview Night for Martin de Porres

This Thursday we're extremely excited to have Nick Balla of O Izakaya as guest chef. His menu will be a sneak preview of Nombe, opening in late November in the former Tacos Santana space at 21st & Mission. Nombe will feature traditional and contemporary Izakaya fare, with a large sake and wine selection. Nick will be Nombe's executive chef, partnering with Mari Takahashi and Gil Payne of Sozai restaurant. Joining Nick in the kitchen on Thursday will be Mari as well as Eric Lowe of Bix.

A portion of Nick's and MSF's proceeds will go to Martin de Porres, a free restaurant at 225 Potrero Avenue near 16th Street that has been serving their community since 1971. Their program is especially uplifting because of the altruistic spirit of their volunteers--some of whom are full-time, live on site and earn no money.


Fuyu persimmon with bitter greens, grated wasabi - $6

Dayboat scallop crudo with fennel, grape and shiso - $9

Fried BBQ pork rice balls with karashi mustard - $5

Spicy tuna deviled eggs with avocado and nori –- $6

Mission Motzu:– tripe, heart, liver, short rib in a soy based broth with chili peppers, cabbage, garlic chives, avocado - $8

Ribeye with nagaimo, spinach and whole grain mustard - $9

Crab fritters, edamame puree, pickled hon shimeji mushroom and nori "soil" on homemade flatbread - $10

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Mochi with kabocha cream and azuki - $6

Soymilk Shake with Whisky-Hazelnut Financier - $6


Closed Saturday October 31st

Closed in observance of Halloween, but also because of a family emergency.

Open again on Thursday November 5th with Nick Balla of O Izakaya, one of my favorite places in the city.


We are now serving Fried Chicken Sandwiches at Mission Burger. Be careful.


Thursday October 29th: Halloween Dinner for at the Crossroads

WooOooooohh!! WEeeeeEEEEeeeeEEEE OOOoooOOOoohhhh!! [Waving hands slowly, ghoulishly in the air] (Are you scared yet? No?)

This week’s theme: CANDY CORN!! All dishes will be pressed from white-and-orange corn syrup solids, individually packaged, ground-shipped from Schenectady, NY, then served by guest waiter Michael Pollan, who will remain tableside and do his best to remain stoic and non-disapproving but may on occasion weep quietly as you finish your dinner.

(How about now? Still not scared?)

Well then, bold diner, your brave soul has “passed mustard.” Come join us for a halloween inspired menu presented by guest chef Carlo Espinas. It will be a meal worthy of only the pickiest and pluckiest of gastronauts.

MSF profits will go to At the Crossroads. ATC works on the streets with 1,000 homeless youth and young adults every year, and develops close counseling relationships with 250 of them. All of these young people get food from us and many rely on ATC to meet the majority of their food needs. ATC gives out more than 60,000 pounds of food every year including 15,000 snacks and 2,500 sandwiches in the Mission and Tenderloin, 5,000 food boxes (mostly delivered to client apartments after transitioning off the streets), and 2,000 restaurant meals during 1-1 counseling sessions.

Reminder that reservations are now accepted on the hour. Email MSFreservations@gmail.com


fennel, orange and black olive salad with crushed black licorice candy - $5.5

roasted pumpkin pot pie with braised pork belly and shoulder, and sage - $9

angels and devils: bacon-wrapped shrimp and goat cheese-filled jalapeno poppers - $6

bobbing for apples: apple/potato dumplings in chicken broth with braised cabbage and smoked brisket - $8

orange and black: mac and cheese with carrots and cavolo nero - $5

chicken with 40 cloves: shredded chicken, garlic confit, shishito peppers and gremolata on a homemade flatbread - $6.5

lung shan's vegan delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

pumpkin sopapillas with molasses, candied popcorn and pepitas - $6

rosemary's baby ice cream with blood orange caramel - $3.5

world trick or treat! - on the house


-Anthony will be part of a panel discussion at the Commonwealth Club and subsequent afterparty at 111 Minna. Details here.

-MSF will be closed on Saturday in observance of Halloween.


Saturday October 24th: Closed for Private Event

Congrats to our manager Brendon who is getting married that day!

In case anyone wants Chinese food on Saturday, the Lung Shan dining room should reopen at 8 or 9pm.


Thursday October 22nd: Free Farm Stand Night

This Thursday we are excited to have Nicole LoBue and Leif Hedendal as co-guest chefs. Nicole is a caterer, private chef and dietary consultant who teaches classes on fermentation, canning, cheese-making, and bread-making. Leif is a farm-to-table chef, cooking for many dining projects, including The Secret Cafe, The Secret Eating Society, Noise In my Kitchen, and Dinner Discussion.

A portion of proceeds will go to Free Farm Stand, which gives away free food every Sunday from 1-3pm at the Parque Niños Unidos at 23rd and Treat Streets in the Mission. So far this year, they've given away over 4400 lbs of produce.


Dirty Girl early girl tomatoes with roasted piquillo peppers, Henry's olives, piccolo fino basil, and Pug's Leap goat cheese crostini - $8

Annabelle's heirloom pumpkin soup with brown butter, chanterelle Tartine toast, garden herbs, St. George Chardonnay brandy crème, and pumpkin seed oil - $9

smoked black cod with shell beans, stinging nettle, Bloomsdale spinach, preserved lemon, wild fennel, and pistachio - $14

slow-braised Marin Sun Farms lamb shoulder with Moroccan spices, lamb-porcini reduction, Tierra chile harissa, baby greens, and fine herbs - $13

cambazola nachos with fig, brussels sprouts, Benton's bacon, marjoram - $8

king trumpet mushroom with tripled fried potato, garlic confit and charred scallion sour cream on a homemade flatbread - $6

Lung Shan's vegan delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

almond torte with poached quince, moscato jelly, and coriander crème - $7

butter fried cornbread with buttermilk panna cotta and bourbon-sage honey - $5.5


Saturday October 17th: Breakfast for Dinner International Edition Part II

This Saturday our menu will feature updated breakfast foods from around the world. David Barzeley of Lazy Bear underground restaurant and eatfoo.com will be lending a hand serving a couple dishes (his will be the composed ones involving advanced techniques). We'll also be hosting a Meatpaper reading by Marissa Guggiana, Heather Smith and Chris Ying as part of Litcrawl. As a result of the litcrawl event, we will start reservations for Saturday at 7pm.

MSF profits will go to Groceries for Seniors which provides food for almost 1,200 seniors a week. The entire program is run by one employee--the founder, John Meehan--and relies heavily on volunteer support.


Grapefruit Salad with mache, fennel, fresh mozzarella, toasted pepita, balsamic vinaigrette - $6

Pho Vit: Pho with Duck broth, duck rillette, traditional garnishes - $8

Pork Belly and a Coffee Donut with Powdered Lemon Sugar, Whipped Maple, Banana and Brown Butter Puree, Lemon Zest, Cinnamon Basil - $10

Aged USDA Prime Ribeye with griddled slow egg and hashbrown - $12

Black Cod Congee with soy-cured egg and scallion toasts - $9

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Bendable Chocolate Milk with Orange Juice Sorbet, Orange and Cocoa Krispies Streusel, Fresh Orange, and Chocolate Oil - $6

Cinammon Toast Crunch: Bruleed Firebrand pan de mie with sweet milk - $5


Mission Burger will be closed this Saturday and Sunday due to family emergency. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Thursday October 15th: Fungus Among Us for Martin De Porres

This Thursday we are pleased to present a menu highlighting various forms and preparations of (delicious!) fungus--dreamed up by Ian Marks, executive chef of the Hog Island Oyster Co. (formerly of The Liberty Cafe and The Fatted Calf).

MSF profits will go to Martin de Porres House of Hospitality, a free restaurant at 225 Potrero Avenue near 16th Street that has been serving their community since 1971. Their program is especially uplifting because of the altruistic spirit of their volunteers--some of whom are full-time, live on site and earn no money.


Maitake and snow fungus tempura with shoyu and tarragon aioli - $6.5

Huitlacoche and sweet corn soup with crispy tortilla, avocado, seared pasilla peppers, cilantro - $5.5

Porcini, goat cheese and cotija cheese empenadas with porcini salt and salsa verde dipping sauce - $7

Terrine of duck confit and Black Trumpet mushroom with kiwiberry jam, wild arugula and buttery toasts - $9

Truffled pork sausages, white polenta, mache and Black winter truffle jus - $12

King Trumpet: mushroom with triple-fried potato, garlic confit, charred scallion sour cream on a homemade flatbread - $6

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Mascarpone phyllo dumplings with honey and smoky portobella powder - $6

Humphrey Slocombe's Candy Cap mushroom ice cream - $3


Closed Saturday October 10th

Open again on Thursday October 15th with Ian Marks, chef of Hog Island Oyster Co. presenting a special menu, "Fungus Among Us."


Thursday October 8th: "Black or White" Night for St. Anthony's Foundation

Our friend Sang (who MSF patrons may remember as the cashier with the impressive hair or the busboy with a yellow lace apron) is a big Michael Jackson fan. He was telling us about his fond memory of gathering around the TV with his family to see the world premiere of Michael's "Black or White" video. After Sang walked us through the excited build-up and subsequent controversy, we revisited this cultural touchstone, and could hardly believe that this was what we'd seen on prime time television almost 20 years ago. Now that the MJ tributes have calmed down, we want to commemorate this classic moment in pop-culture history with a menu of "Black or White"-inspired dishes. While we encourage growling, shrieking, and heavy-handed symbolism, we discourage any crotch-grabbing and car smashing in the dining room.

MSF profits will go to the St. Anthony Foundation, which serves over 2,600 meals per day--365 days a year--and provides medical services, clothing, and housewares to those in need.

Reminder that we are taking reservations for the whole night. Send an email to MSFreservations@gmail.com with name, party size and preferred time.


olive "soil" with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomato, tatsoi, basil oil - $7

boudin blanc, roasted cavalo nero kale, slow cooked sauerkraut, benton's bacon, mustard, - $9

fermented black bean short rib with parsley root puree, mustard greens, marinated beech mushroom, fresh horseradish - $10

seared scallop with black pudding, hashbrown, smoky white bean puree and tarragon - $10

"blackened" pork belly, spicy goat cheese, cucumber and cilantro on homemade flatbread - $7

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

mascarpone pavlova, with grass jelly and caramelized lychee & banana - $6

blackout cake with coffee caramel and whiskey semifreddo - $6

* * *

Notes: We will be closed on Saturday October 10th, due to travel


Saturday October 3rd: Big Trouble in Little China Night for the CCDC Food Pantry

After the commercial and critical failure of the film Big Trouble in Little China, John Carpenter became very disillusioned with Hollywood and became an independent filmmaker. He said in an interview, “The experience [of Big Trouble] was the reason I stopped making movies for the Hollywood studios. I won’t work for them again. I think Big Trouble is a wonderful film, and I’m very proud of it. But the reception it received, and the reasons for that reception, were too much for me to deal with. I’m too old for that sort of bullshit” [wikipedia]. I'm not so old, but recent reviews of some exciting restaurants--make me feel like the traditional system doesn't recognize talent the way it should.

This Saturday we are serving dishes that are San Franciscan on the surface with a fantastical undercurrent of ancient Chinese mysticism.

MSF profits will go to the Chinatown Community Development Center's Food Pantry, which provides groceries for 190 Single Room Occupancy Tenants each week: "The food distribution is special to Chinatown CDC because many tenants are willing to volunteer. The elderly and teenagers work side-by-side and get acquainted at the same time."

Also, in order to provide better service and avoid running out of food, we are now taking reservations for the entire night, starting at 6:00pm. Email MSFreservations@gmail.com with your name, party size and time.


Hama Hama Oyster with oyster sauce and dill-tomatillo granita - $5

*Asian Pear Salad with watercress, chinese celery, chili oil, roasted peanut - $6

*Crispy Tofu with slow egg, sauteed greens, garlic-sesame glaze - $6

Salt & Pepper Cod with guacamole, sweet corn, bacon, mustard greens, - $11

*Aged Angus NY Strip Steak with goat cheese, seared cherry tomato and shishito peppers, and black bean demiglace - $13

Peking Duck Flatbread: duck confit, duck cracklins, cucumber, cilantro, scallion and spicy hoisin - $8

*Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Strawberry cake with lychee, buttermilk pannacotta, pop rocks - $6

* = vegetarian or vegetarian option available


$190 to Jewish Family and Children's Services


Thursday October 1st: Bruno's Kitchen Sneak Preview

This Thursday we are excited to host Ryan Ostler and Katherine Zacher, our new neighbors at the forthcoming Bruno's Kitchen. Ryan and Katherine ran the Broken Record Kitchen and have also worked at Boulevard, Campton Place, Firefly, Range, Quince, and Serpentine. In the near future, they'll be serving their from scratch American regional cuisine and bbq (including fried chicken and parsnip waffles) at Bruno's. This Thursday their menu will be "Far East meets South."

Ryan and Katherine will donate a portion of their proceeds to Burners without Borders, a collection of Burning Man participants who are actively engaged in community-based civic volunteer projects throughout the year. Starting in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, BWB volunteers provided over $1 million dollars worth of reconstruction and debris removal to the residents of Mississippi and have continued with projects spanning the globe. MSF profits will go to the Glide Memorial Church Daily Meals Program, which began in 1969 and now serves 800,000 meals a year to the city's poor hungry and homeless.

Also, so we can avoid running out of food and improve customer satisfaction, we are now taking reservations for 8:30 pm and later. Email us at MSFreservations@gmail.com with a name, party size, time and date. Our reservationist will be checking and sending out confirmations all week until 3pm on Thursday (or Saturday).


Bacon palmiers, with homemade puff pastry - $3

*RC cola boiled peanuts + sesame edamame - $2

*Fried mac 'n' cheese, tomato chutney, spicy mustard - $7

Steamed pulled pork buns, green papaya, apple, and celery root slaw - $7

Smoked beef tataki, miso grilled eggplant, crispy shallots, wasabi-horseradish cream - $9

*Smoked tofu and mushroom pate banh mi, sambal aioli, and veggies- $7

Fried catfish, avocado and braised kimchee tamago on a homemade flatbread - $8

Japanese Dirty Rice: brown rice with kombu, shimeji mushroom, edamame, and choice of meat gravy or natto - $7.5

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight - shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Cheesecake icebox cake with homemade graham crackers, concord grape sorbet, and sesame brittle $6

Coconut rice pudding ice cream with crispy sweet bean wontons- $5

* = vegetarian or vegetarian option available


-$150 to People's Grocery, $220 to the Alameda County Community Food Bank, $210 to Meals on Wheels, $140 to the Soul Food Farm Fire Fund, $130 to The Food Pantry, $410 to Foodrunners (two nights), $840 to SF Food Bank (multiple nights).

-$1398 so far to the SF Food Bank, courtesy of Mission Burger and Duc Loi. Thanks for your support and tell your friends. Also, come check us out on the weekends (we've been slow). We added some seating and you can take your burgers over to Lung Shan and buy a drink.


Saturday September 26th: JFCS Food Pantry Night

This Saturday, we are extremely pleased to host Jason Fox , former Executive Chef of Bar Tartine. Jason has been featured in San Francisco Magazine, and his cuisine has been called, "meticulously etched" and "a harmonious blend of complexity and satisfaction." On Saturday he will be presenting MSF's first Israeli Street Food Night, with a few Ashkenazi classics thrown in for good measure. Some of the food we'll be serving is, in Jason's words, "Biblical."

MSF profits will go to the Jewish Family and Children's Services Food Pantry. With the recession and massive cutbacks in community services for the poor, frail, and elderly, Jewish Family and Children's Services has seen a 50% increase in the number of people turning to them for emergency assistance. They serve five counties -- San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, San Mateo and Santa Clara -- and their food pantries helped put food on the table for more than 3,500 families in the last year alone. With a 160 year history of serving the community, JFCS helps people of all faiths and backgrounds in hard times. For many people today who've worked hard and exhausted their personal resources, JFCS is the only place to turn.

We will also be collecting any canned or packaged foods for the JFCS Food Pantry.


Housemade pita bread with hummus, eggplant "chopped liver", coussa b'leben- zucchini and yogurt dip - $9

Housemade gefilte fish, carrot, horseradish and beet chrain - $8.5

Shaksuka: potato, corn and leeks in tomato broth with slow cooked egg - $7

Tuna Brik: fried pastry with albacore tuna confit, capers, quail egg and harissa sauce $9

Shoouit: old jerusalem stew of lamb, tomato and green beans, medieval spices $10

MSF Reuben: corned beef, slow cooked sauerkraut, russian dressing and swiss on a homemade rye flatbread - $7

Matzo ball soup with duck consomme, duck rilette, carrots and leeks - $9

Marylou's honey cake with caramelized apples and almond ice milk - $6

Humphry Slocombe
maple walnut ice cream - $3.25 per scoop


Thursday September 24th: Hunger Challenge Night for the SF Food Bank

Can you eat for just $4 a day?

That's the average amount a Californian on food stamps has to spend on a day's meals.

This week, the San Francisco Food Bank's 2009 Hunger Challenge asks how much one can eat for $1.33 per meal. If there's one thing we like at Mission Street Food, it's a challenge to make tasty cheap food for a good cause. On Thursday the 24th, the ingredients for each item on our menu will cost less than $1.33 to produce. Of course, we need to charge more than that so that we'll have something to give the hungry, so come to Mission Street Food this Thursday to support the Food Bank.

...Or even if you're a heartless wretch who doesn't care about hungry people, you can come to MSF to ease your conscience by seeing just how well you can eat on food stamps (if you buy things super-bulk wholesale and spend all week cooking). Any way you look at it, though, this is a chance to think a little more about the costs--monetary and moral--of hunger.


Wedge salad with granny smith, bacon vinaigrette, watercress and farmer's cheese - $6

Hashbrown, egg salad, chimichurri and shaved radish - $6

Seared, oil cured chicken thigh with chicken congee, cured egg, corn, green onion, and chicken cracklins - $9

Braised sausage, kale and white bean gratin, with fried peanuts - $7

King trumpet mushroom with triple fried potato, garlic confit and charred scallion sour cream - $6

Fried catfish with curry leaf grits - $7

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Butter fried cornbread and buttermilk panna cotta with mint honey- $6

Oatmeal mascarpone creme pies with chamomile milk - $5

* * *

Notes: if you haven't tried it yet, stop by Mission Burger, where you can support the food bank and eat a tasty burger.


Saturday September 19th: Miscegenation Night for the Food Pantry

This Saturday we are featuring dishes that involve mixing cuisines. While historically, miscegenation has some bad connotations, these days it seems less loaded than the "F" word (...rhymes with illusion). Mostly, we are just excited to have duck rillette in our duck consomme ramen.

Profits will go to the Food Pantry, which provides over nine tons of free, fresh groceries to hungry families every week, including 912 served last week. The Food Pantry is run by poor people for poor people--their volunteers came to get food and stayed to help out.


*Watermelon Salad with fried chicken skin, marinated tofu, shiso, edamame - $6

Duck Consomme Ramen with duck rillette, sliced duck breast, jidori egg, garlic confit, and pickled bamboo (!) - $9.5

German Shepherd's Pie: slow cooked sauerkraut, parsley root-potato puree and braised brisket - $9

*Banana Leaf Halibut: with cherry tomato, fresh chickpea, smoky eggplant puree and cilantro yogurt - $12

PB & J: Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Belly with marinated jicama, cilantro aioli and pickled jalapeno - $6.5

*Sesame-Avocado Brown Rice with beech mushroom and salmon roe - $7.5

*Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Butter Fried Cornbread with buttermilk pannacotta and mint julep honey - $5.5

*=vegetarian or vegetarian option available


Thursday September 17th: Hunters Point Boys and Girls Club Cooking Program and Meals on Wheels

This Thursday we are pleased to host Lauren O'Connor--chef and owner of Delicious Dish Catering--who will be serving up spicy comfort food favorites. She typically caters rowdy rock n' roll events and fancy weddings but can also be found in your own home through her personalized meal delivery program. More info at deliciousdishsf.com.

Lauren will be donating a portion of her profits to the Cooking Instruction Program at the Hunter's Point Boys and Girls Club- teaching inner-city youth how to cook balanced, nutritional foods with limited resources. MSF will donate to Meals on Wheels which has been providing isolated, homebound seniors with nutritious meals, daily human contact and supportive services for 38 years. Meals on Wheels is facing an especially challenging increase in demand as the state government recently slashed $226 million worth of in-home health care programs for seniors and the disabled.
The budget cut is expected to completely remove support from 40,000 elderly people and individuals with disabilities, cut back service for another 85,000 recipients, and raise the monthly cost for care by as much as $200 for many others.


Cherry Tomato Tostada with goat cheese, shiso, shishito peppers, horseradish - $6

Dungeness Crab Cioppino: a rich tomato-garlic stew with clams, mussels, sole & prawns - $10

Citrus Pulled Pork Cuban with Emmenthaler, Black Forest Ham, House Pickles, Chipotle Aioli and Chocolate-Habenero Sweet Potato Chips - $7

Coriander Hot Wings with a Cinnamon-Sriracha Sauce and Green Papaya Salad - $8

Blackberry Baby Back Ribs with Blackened Poblano-Chevre-Fontina Macaroni and Cheese - $9

King Trumpet mushroom, triple fried potato, garlic confit and charred scallion sour cream on a homemade flatbread - $6

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Brownie with Brillat Savarin French Triple creme cheese and toasted hazelnut - $6.5

Peach Cobbler with sweet corn and bourbon creme anglaise - $5


Saturday September 12th: Farm Fresh Night for Edible Schoolyard and Soul Food Farm

This Saturday we are pleased to host Dontaye Ball and Iso Rabins who will be cooking some local farmers market fare. Dontaye (Good Food Inc.) can be found every Saturday at the Alemany farmers market serving up urban BBQ, as well as at Contigo during the week. Iso Rabins is the founder of forageSF a co-operative of foragers bringing amazing, sustainable CSF boxes delivered monthly across the city.

A portion of Dontaye and Iso's profits will be donated to The Edible Schoolyard, an organization that focuses on getting good food into our local school lunches. MSF profits will go to the Soul Food Farm Fire Fund. The Vacaville farm, famous for its commitment to excellence in the form of pastured chickens, was recently damaged by fire and is struggling to rebuild.


Salad of arugula, ricotta, and local stone fruit - $5

Montbriac Roquefort with grilled nectarine preserve and figs - $6

Local wild caught Albacore with seabeans two ways $7

Vanilla and beer brined pork belly with sweet potato hash - $7

Braised Beef Brisket with Benton's Bacon, Soul Food Farm egg and yucca - $12

King Trumpet mushroom with triple fried potato,garlic confit and charred scallion sour cream - $6

Lung Shan's Vegan delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Raw milk and SF rooftop lavender honey with fry bread - $5

Spiced Bread Pudding with huckleberry compote and juniper cream - $5


Thursday September 10th: Soul Cocina Chaat Menu for the Beacon Culinary Project of Western Addition and the SF Food Bank

This Thursday we are pleased to host Roger Feely, founder of Soul Cocina, a San Francisco based culinary arts project. Roger hosts cooking classes and underground dining experiencesin the San Francisco Bay Area, and can be found on the streets via http://twitter.com/Soulcocina, or behind the stoves at Kitchenette and Living Room Events. On Thursday, Roger will be presenting our first Chaat menu (Indian street food).

Roger will be donating his profits to a fender blender from Rock the Bike for the Beacon Culinary Project of Western Addition. He will use the fender blender to promote homemade cooking and alternative sources of energy. The program "provides quality after-school programming for youth and also serves as a community center addressing the specific needs of the Western Addition community." Roger is personally involved in this project, and visits once a week to share his passion for cooking.


*Bhel Puri: tangy, sweet, slightly spicy puffed rice snack - $5

*Poha: fragrant flattened rice dish with cashews and dry farmed tomatoes - $5

*Rasa Vadai or Dahi Vadai: Lentil fritters in yogurt or spiced tomato broth - $6

*Nariyala Idli: Fried coconut and rice patties with fresh mango, mango pickle and young cocount juice - $6

*Rabe Paneer: roasted broccoli rabe and kale with homemade paneer - $6.5

Achar Gosht: Lamb Curry with seared peppers, fresh garbanzo and cilantro yogurt on a homemade garlic flatbread - $7.5

*Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

*Royal Falooda Kulfi: Sundae with rosewater syrup and vermicelli - $6

*Cardamom Toast Crunch: Bruleed Firebrand Pan de Mie with pistachio milk - $6

*Organic Cardamom Ginger Chai or Organic Rose Chai - $3

* = vegetarian


Thursday September 3rd, The "Uncooked" for Food Runners.

This Thursday we are extremely excited to host Jordan Grosser, formerly of The Alembic. Jordan will be presenting a menu of primarily uncooked food. Think more sashimi than salad and more Kyoto kaiseki than California cuisine. Jordan was a guest chef in the spring and it was in the running for the best food we've ever served. We think this Thursday will be another memorable one.

MSF profits will go to Food Runners, whose goal is to help alleviate hunger, prevent waste and create community. Food Runners is currently delivering approximately 10 tons of food a week that would otherwise be thrown away. Donations help to provide enough food for 2,000 meals a day in San Francisco.


Hama Hama Oyster- pineapple-nori vinaigrette - $5

Watermelon Salad- with pickled golden enoki mushroom, chicharonnes, marinated jicama, marjoram and jalapeno - $6.5

Ankimo- Salmon Egg, Ponzu Vinaigrette, Breakfast Radish $5

Bigfin Squid- Chopped Wasabi, Pickled Daikon, Cucumber $9

Fluke Tartare- Melon Water, Myoga, Shiso, Lychee Air, Beni-Tade $13

Hamachi- Sea Bean Tempura, Avocado, Shoyu Tapioca, Yamamomo $12

Beef Carpaccio- Fried Mame-Aji, Pickled Shitake, Gobo, Yuzu-Kosho Aioli $12

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight- shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Duo of Coconut Gelee- with strawberry, mint coulis and raw cocoa nib - $5


we will close on Saturday for travel.


Saturday August 29th: Seoul Food for Arriba Juntos

This Saturday Danny Bowien cooks from his heart and Seoul. Just back from Paris, the reigning world pesto champion and former Bar Tartine/Good Evening Thursday line cook will be serving a menu of Korean delights including homemade kimchi and tofu, with a dab of French technique here and there.

Saturday will benefit Arriba Juntos, which provides organic produce and other groceries for over 4000 people per month. The food pantry is just part of their larger mission of "promoting economic self-sufficiency for San Franciscans and their families through occupational training and employment opportunities."


aperitif: shiso and watermelon sorbet with iced soju - $6

doenjang jjiggae: strong miso, clam dashi, kombu, golden enoki, potato, kale, homemade tofu, korean chili. served with a small bowl of rice - $7.5

*kong guksu: cold summer noodles in fresh soymilk, with sesame, cucumber, tomato, radish sprouts - $7

kimchi onigiri: two barley rice balls with kimchi, benton's bacon, katsuobushi, nori - $6

*stealth fries with kewpie, ketchup, nori salt - $3

samgyupsal: braised, smoked, and griddled pork belly, served with kimchi, whole bean miso, fresh chilis, sesame leaves and lettuces - $11

k.f.c.: korean fried chicken with shredded cabbage, 1000 island, radish pickles - $9

*kalbi sandwich: glazed short rib, medium egg, kabocha, radish, sesame-gojichang on a homemade flatbread - $8

*lung shan's vegan delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

*vegetarian or vegetarian option available


Thursday August 27th: Stay Local, Eat Global Night for People's Grocery

This Thursday, skip the jet-lag and take your appetite on a stay-cation. Savor locally grown organic produce from People's Grocery artfully prepared by International chef Eddie Blyden of Henry's Gastropub. Eddie blends his West African & Caribbean heritage, Russian upbringing, and Southeast Asian travels with culinary training from restaurants in Germany, Switzerland, Anguilla, & New York. His friend Russ Maclean, formerly of Fleur De Lys will co-chef.

Eddie, Russ and MSF will donate their profits to People's Grocery, a West Oakland grassroots food justice organization that aims to bring everyone access to healthy food by creating a local food system. They grow over 30,000 lbs of organic produce a year at their 3 Oakland gardens & 4 acre Sunol farm, which distributes over 250 CSA Grub boxes a month to low-income families, offers free nutritional cooking classes, provides jobs for West Oakland youth leaders, and provides hands-on urban agriculture training to young people.


Spicy Pickled Crudites - $4

Summer Tomatoes with Pole Bean & Corn Medley, Goat Cheese Fritters, Cilantro-Jalapeno Vinaigrette - $7

West Indian Oxtail and Trotter "Soup", Callaloo, Root Vegetables (aka Ground Provisions) in a rich and spicy broth - $9

"Okro Stew" - a West African Seafood Gumbo - Moonfish, Oysters, Scallops & Wahoo Served Over Jasmine Rice - $10

Eggplant Tostada with soy-mirin glaze, cucumber, tarragon and edamame puree an a crispy tortilla - $6.5

Basil BLT - Benton's bacon, heirloom tomato, romaine, piccolo fino basil and goat sour cream on a griddled acme roll - $6.5

frito misto with crab, chili oil and hollandaise - $10

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Pear, Mango & Chocolate Crisp topped with crushed hazelnuts & bourbon chantilly - $6

Beer donated by 21st Amendment Brewery


$240 to the Haight Ashbury Program


Mission Street Food Presents: Mission Burger

Starting Sunday August 23rd, we will serve beef and vegan burgers on the DL--the counter inside Duc Loi supermarket (18th and Mission). Duc Loi has graciously agreed to donate $1 from the sale of each burger to the San Francisco Food Bank. Lunch service begins at noon and continues until we run out of food. We'll open every day but Thursday.


Beef Burger: 1/3 lb of aged harris ranch brisket, short rib and chuck, granulated* and seared in beef fat. Served with monterey jack, caramelized onion and caper aioli on a griddled acme bun - $8

Vegan Burger: maitake, shitake, roasted kale, edamame, scallion, sesame seed and fava-chickpea patty. Served with avocado and miso "mayo"** on a griddled acme bun - $7

Fries - $2

* granulation is our term for the process popularized by Heston Blumenthal, a michelin 3-star chef based in London. Blumenthal combines strands of ground meat to create a loosely grained "meat column" (not Blumenthal's phrase), then slices the column into patties. The result is, well, a delicacy.

** like traditional mayonaise this is an emulsion, but we're using seaweed instead of egg yolks.


Saturday August 22nd: Whole Hog Dinner

This Saturday we are excited to feature a whole hog menu, courtesy of Jake Ersland of Amuse Bouche. Jake has been cooking since age 15 and graduated CCA with honors before starting Amuse Bouche, which offers private dining experiences--8 to 14 course tasting menus, complete with wine pairings, for parties of 12 or fewer. He is also the newly appointed executive chef of The Old Ship Saloon.

Jake and his team are donating all of their profits to Northern CA chapter of the MS Society. MSF will donate its profits to the Alameda County Community Food Bank, which provides assistance to 40,000 people each week through a network of 300 community based food pantries and soup kitchens in the East Bay.


Pig's Head "Crepinette," harissa, arugula - $10

Slow Cooked Hog Rib with smoked tomato-apple bbq sauce - $7

14 Hour Roast Leg of Pig with natural jus, mustard greens, lemon rind - $9

*Late Summer Pole Bean Salad, Banyuls vinaigrette, marinated pig's ear - $6

“Slaw” of pickled pigs foot vinaigrette, napa cabbage, carrot- $5

PB & J: Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Belly with marinated jicama, cilantro aioli and pickled jalapeno - $6.5

*Sesame-Avocado Brown Rice with beech mushroom- $6.5

*Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: Shitake and Oyster Mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Amuse Bouche Cookies & Milk: Chilled chocolate goats milk, ancho chile marshmallow, pistachio "sandwich" - $6

Humphry Slocombe Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream - $3.25 per scoop

* = veg or veg option available


-$840 to St. Anthony's Foundation, $360 to Martin de Porres

-Stay tuned for big news on Saturday night or Sunday morning


Thursday August 20th: Save the Bay and Project Open Hand

This Thursday we are extremely pleased to host Fred Sassen of Farallon. Fred is a graduate of CCA and has been cooking professionally for 8 years. He's spent the last 4 years under chef Mark Franz and Ryan Simas, who will also be cooking on Thursday. In addition to a robust offering of oceanic delights, Fred is also unveiling a house made charcuterie plate--11 months in the making.

Fred and his crew are donating all of their profits to Save the Bay, which protects the San Francisco Bay from pollution and inappropriate shoreline development, as well as educating thousands of students per year. MSF profits will go to Project Open Hand, which distributes 2175 meals and 190 bags of groceries to the homebound or critically ill each day.


House Made Charcuterie: Spicy Coppa, Bresaola, Tuscan Salami. Served with home made ciabatta and Guiness Whole Grain Mustard - $8

Scallop Ceviche: lemon-cucumber granita, edamame puree, fresh tortilla - $8

Mediterrenean Octopus Confit: Shaved Garlic, Picked Thyme, Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil - $10

Dungeness Crab Roulade: Hass Avocado, Levain croutons, Tomato Vinaigrette - $11

Chili Braised Pork Cheeks: sweet creamed corn, marinated cherry tomatoes, piccolo fino basil - $7

Rare Beef Salad: aged prime angus ribeye, seared cherry tomato, wasabi creme fraiche, basil oil, yucca crouton, katsuobushi - $9

King Trumpet: mushroom, triple fried potato, garlic confit, and scallion sour cream on a homemade flatbread - $6

Fig-Vanilla Sundae: Vanilla Ice Cream with house made fig vinegar, black mission figs, candied almonds - $6


Closed for the week. Open Again Thursday, August 20th

We are closed this week and will open again with Fred Sassen of Farallon on Thursday August 20th.

As a reminder, we are always looking for guest chefs. Click here for more information.


Saturday August 8th: Fish 'n' Grits & all that Pimp Shit benefitting Greenhorns and Foodrunners

This Saturday we are pleased to have Mark Andrew Gravel, a food activist/artist from Agrarian Art Lab. He publishes Food + Sex = Us, a new collage art food magazine and works on a variety of underground food projects from coast to coast. Having recently arrived in San Francisco from Charleston SC, he will be sharing the food of the Lowcountry South.

A portion of Mark's proceeds will go to The Greenhorns - a small grassroots nonprofit whose mission is to support, promote and recruit young farmers in America. MSF profits will go to Foodrunners, whose volunteers help distribute over 10 tons of food per week to agencies feeding people in need. In June, they distributed 114,915 pounds of food by 756 volunteer runs and 173 from their own truck.


Wild Turkey Potlikker with Lardons and Cornbread - $4

* Acme Teeny Rolls stuffed with Full Belly Peach Jam, Blue Cheese and Benton's Bacon - $7

* Blackeyed Pea Hushpuppies with Wolf Sauce - $7

Crab Cake with Collard Greens, Bacon Vinegar and Mustard - $13

* Fish 'n' Grits: cornmeal battered and fried catfish with buttery grits - $8

Pulled pork and ham hock on homemade flatbread with pickles and mustard - $7

Country Fried Steak: Aged Angus New York Strip Steak, "chicken fried" and served with hash brown and beef gravy - $8

* Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Coconut Cream Ice Cream with Benne Seed Wafer - $4

Bourbon peach and sweet corn custard - $5


Thursday August 6th: Ottoman Cuisine for the Beat Within and St. Anthony's Foundation

This Thursday we are pleased to have Jeff Harpel, Bryan Harpel, and Kirstin Dau who will be presenting a menu of cuisine from the once-great Ottoman Empire (North Africa, the Balkans, Turkey, Greece and the Middle East). Between them, Jeff and Bryan helped open A16, Spruce and Terzo, and have worked at Zuni Cafe, Nopa, O Izakaya Lounge, Cavallo Point and Cellar 360.

Jeff, Bryan and Kirstin will be donating some of their proceeds to The Beat Within, a juvenile hall writing program whose staff and volunteers hold weekly workshops helping 700 detained youth to share their ideas and life experiences in a weekly publication. The program encourages literacy, self-expression, and critical thinking skills, as well as social services and internships as part of a progression towards a healthy, non-violent, and productive life. MSF profits will go to the St. Anthony's Foundation which serves over 2,600 meals per day-- 365 days a year--and provides medical services, clothing, and housewares to those in need.


Mezza Plate: carrot-filo cigar, smoky eggplant puree, scallions, olives and pita - $8

Cucumber, cauliflower, chickpea, and arugula salad - $7

Mint Soup with chickpeas, and rice - $6

Crispy Dolmades: stuffed with anchovy, cured olive, israeili cous cous, and cheese - $7

Mussels with charmoula, fried polenta crumbs, and cilantro - $9

Almond-Chicken with saffron-currant cous cous - $9

Lamb Belly, roasted beet, chorizo, mache and goat cheese-tatziki - $8

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

House made Hazelnut Turkish Delight - $3

Ras El Hanout Toast Crunch: bruleed Firebrand pan de mie with young pistachio and sweet goat milk - $6

* * * * * * * *

Open Letter to the People of Mission Street Food from Karen:

About a year ago, my husband suggested that we run a little taco truck on one of his days off. The plan was to work together: he would cook and I would talk with the customers. We told a few friends to come by, but mostly we expected we’d be hanging out together in a metal box on the corner.

Since then, the business has grown in ways we could never have imagined, and we’ve met so many wonderful people. After almost a year of Mission Street Food, though, I have to say goodbye--for now--because I’m starting a job as a professor in another state. Anthony will continue Mission Street Food with the help of our incredible staff, but this will be my last week at the restaurant. We’ll be taking a week off (Aug 13 and 15) while Anthony helps me settle in, and then it’s back to the regularly scheduled programming. Come by this Thursday or Saturday if you want to say goodbye in person.



Saturday August 1st: La Cocina Night

This Saturday we are pleased to have Veronica Salazar who brings the flavors of the D.F. (Distrito Federal) to S.F. with a focus on "the real deal" street foods of Mexico. Veronica grew up in restaurants and opened El Huarache Loco 4 years ago at La Cocina. Veronica's food has been written up in the San Francisco Chronicle, won Best Of Awards in 7x7 Magazine and SFWeekly and been featured in the New York Times and MSNBC Nightly News.

MSF profits and some of Veronica's proceeds will go to La Cocina, San Francisco's first incubator kitchen, founded to serve as a platform for low-income entrepreneurs launching, formalizing or expanding their food businesses.


Fish Out of Water: Halibut ceviche with chilled avocado soup, and cucumber salad, chili oil, popcorn, fresh chips - $10*

Holy Mole: Roasted Liberty Farms Duck Tamale with Hand-Ground Mole, Seared Duck Breast and Duck Skin Cracklings - $8

Mexico-City BLT y Mas: Organic Blue Corn huarache with Fatted Calf bacon, carne asada, longanize, heirloom tomatoes and shredded lettuce - $9*

I Lamb What I Lamb: Lamb Consomme served with Handmade Organic Masa lamb tacos. Served with salsa borracha - $9.5

Chile Rell-egg-no: Goat cheese and egg stuffed pasilla pepper, served with spicy tomato water, tomato confit, and homemade tomato chorizo - $7.5*

PB & J: Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Belly with marinated jicama, pickled jalapeno and cilantro aioli - $6.5

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: Shitake and Oyster Mushroom Dumplings in Miso Soup - $5.5

Mexican Chocolate Pudding with orange whipped cream and pepita brittle - $4

Horchata Nueva: Almond Gelee, Mexican Wedding Cookie, Habanero Lychee, Cinnamon Honey - $4.5

* vegetarian/vegetarian option available


Thursday July 30th: Chinese Food Night for SF Food Bank

This Thursday we are extremely excited to have guest chef Brandon Jew with Ryan Baker and Alison Roman. Brandon will be the executive chef of the much anticipated Bar Agricole and has worked at Zuni Cafe, Pizzetta 211, Quince, and Magnolia Brewpub (as well as overseas in Bologna at La Pernice e La Gallina and in Shanghai at The Whampoa Club). Brandon was born and raised in San Francisco and at Bar Agricole he will be "searching to define San Franciscan cuisine." Brandon calls this menu an homage to his Chinese background--and we're excited to present MSF's first Chinese Food Night.

Profits will go to the SF Food Bank, which collects and distributes 300 tons of food to 191 food pantries, reaching 132,000 people per year.


Hot and sour marinated cucumbers - $5*

Grandpa's favorite roasted peanuts - $5*

Scallop Crudo with grass jelly, lychee and fennel - $8

Tea smoked pork belly baked in brioche bun - $4 each

Jasmine rice and sweet corn porridge, Chinese bacon and donuts - $8*

Steamed ling cod, lup cheong, local seaweed and oyster broth, glasswort salt - $13

Beef brisket, black cardamom, heirloom tomato, fermented black beans, rice noodles - $12*

Duck Confit, duck cracklins, cucumber, scallion, spicy hoisin, cilantro on a homemade flatbread - $7

Sauteed Tat Soi with oyster mushrooms on garlic sesame tofu - $6.5*

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5*

"Tang Yuan": mochi, coconut sorbet, braised pineapple - $6

Almond milk jelly, lapsang-souchong honey, lychee - $6

* = vegetarian/vegetarian option available


Saturday July 25: Beer Night for Sandwiches for the Homeless

Way back in March, we teamed up with Jesse Friedman of Beer and Nosh, to present a beer night. The event was one of our best, and now we're ready to do it again, this time with some more summery flavors. Jesse has discovered a bunch of new beers, and we've developed some new dishes to highlight them.

Jesse has also alerted us to the work of Marlene Guerrero, who makes sandwiches for homeless people and distributes them under bridges and at bus stops. Marlene partners with organizations that are also reaching out to the homeless but the majority of the money comes out of her own pocket. She loves the experience of giving to her community and getting to know people in the process. She gives out 200 meals twice a month and is trying to expand her program to once a week. We'll donate our profits from this night to support her efforts.


Watermelon and Heirloom Tomato Salad: with Tartine fry bread, goat cheese and basil - $7

Cheese Plate: Langres French washed rind soft cheese with grilled nectarine and balsamic-malt honey - $6

Banh Mi Fish Taco: Beer Battered Rockfish with lemongrass guacamole, cucumber, daikon, carrot, jalapeno and cilantro on crispy tortilla - $7

Kale and Maitake Gratin: with "beer nuts" spring onions and gruyere - $7.5

Lamb Belly and Fig: with farmers cheese, shiso and pasilla pepper on a homemade flatbread - $7

Bierwurstbrotten: slice of malted beer-sausage bread griddled and topped with caramelized onions and Black Noddy gravy - $7

Smoky Chicken Wings with pear, celery, and rocquefort - $7.5

Brioche Donuts: one light malt and toasted coconut and one dark malt and chocolate frosted - $5.5

Beer Float: Humphry Slocombe Cinnamon Brittle Ice Cream in Uncommon Brewers Siamese Twin Belgian Double - $5.5

Scoop of Humphry Slocombe 21st Amendment Watermelon Wheat Ice Cream - $3.25


21st Amendment Brew Free or Die IPA (7.20% ABV)

21st Amendment Watermelon Wheat (5.20% ABV)

Big Sky Moose Drool (Brown Ale 5.10% ABV)

Uncommon Brewers Siamese Twin (Thai-spiced Belgian Double, 16 Oz Can, 8.50% ABV)

Buckbean Black Noddy (Schwarzbier Black Lager, 16 Oz Can, 5.20% ABV)

Oskar Blues Gordon (Imperial Red IPA, 8.70% ABV)

Maui Brewing Coconut Porter (5.70% ABV)

* * *

$330 to the Food Pantry, $690 to SF Food Bank (two nights), $290 to Delancey Street Foundation
Jesse is a fantastic photographer, and has taken some of the best pictures of our food. Check out all seven of those links--it took forever to copy them in.


Thursday July 23rd: Martin de Porres

This Thursday we are pleased to welcome back Jeff Banker, formerly the executive chef of Home restaurant and Home on Union where he won praise from Michael Bauer for his creative twist on comfort food. He has also worked at Acme Chophouse, Bix, the Meetinghouse and Postrio. He is currently a private chef in Woodside and is searching for his dream restaurant in San Francisco with his wife, a pastry chef.

MSF profits will go to Martin de Porres House of Hospitality, a free restaurant at 225 Potrero Avenue near 16th Street that has been serving their community since 1971. Their program is especially uplifting because of the altruistic spirit of their volunteers--some of whom are full-time, live on site and earn no money. For us, it was a small revelation about purity and goodness in today's society.


Thai coconut halibut ceviche spoons with crushed corn nuts and micro cilantro - $8 for 3

Grilled peach salad, candied bacon, goat cheese, marcona almonds, lemon verbena vinaigrette - $7 (vegetarian option available)

Sweet corn bisque with a Dungeness crab hush puppy and chive oil - $6 (vegetarian option available)

Mirin and soy braised black cod with foie gras-shitake mushroom sticky rice - $14 (vegetarian option available)

Smurf n' Turf: blue cheese nachos loaded with aged prime ribeye, pickled red onion and ancho cress - $9

PB & J: Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Belly with marinated jicama, pickled jalapeno and cilantro aioli - $6.5

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: Shitake and Oyster Mushroom Dumplings in Miso Soup - $5.5

S'mores pie with homemade toasted marshmallow fluff - $5

Humphry Slocombe Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream - $3.25 per scoop

Notes: $340 to Meals on Wheels, $160 to LGBT Youth Meals Program, $180 to Campaign for Better Nutrition, $270 to St. Vincent de Paul of Alameda County


Saturday July 18: Favorites

A four-year-old friend of ours often asks, “will you do me a favorite?” and we like to comply--by reading her a book or helping her with the sprinkler. This Saturday, we’re going to do a favorite for all the people who haven't had MSF Rice or butter fried cornbread in a while. We’ll be serving up a whole menu of favorite dishes from MSFs past and present, with no pesky guest chefs getting in the way.

Also, did we mention that we’re officially a “Favorite Place” on Google’s ever more detailed map of the known world?

Profits for this evening will go to The Food Pantry, which does not play favorites. (Their motto is “Peace on Earth and Food for All!”)


Mango Salad: with tomatillo, black olive, fennel, red onion - $5.5

Fish 'n' Chips: Halibut with batter-fried lemon "chips" and homemade caper tartar sauce - $13

Aged Prime Ribeye: with wild mushroom, shelling bean and golden chive - $14

MSF Rice: Smoky Rice fried in Duck Fat with Duck Confit, Duck Cracklins, Shitake, and Cauliflower- $8

VSF Rice: Smoky Rice fried in olive oil with Shitake, Cauliflower and Tofu Tempura - $6.5

PB & J: Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Belly with marinated jicama, pickled jalapeno and cilantro aioli - $6.5

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: Shitake and Oyster Mushroom Dumplings in Miso Soup - $5.5

Butter Fried Cornbread with Buttermilk Pannacotta and Mint Julep Honey - $6

Humphry Slocombe Secret Breakfast Ice Cream - $3.25


Thursday July 16th: 826 Valencia and Meals on Wheels

This Thursday Tommy Halvorson has prepared a menu inspired by summertime. He is the founder of The Fire Society, a roaming supper club, and former sous chef of Bix and Betty Zlatchin Catering.

Tommy will be donating a portion of his proceeds to 826 Valencia, which is dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their writing skills and to helping teachers get their students excited about writing. MSF will be donating to Meals on Wheels which has been providing isolated, homebound seniors with nutritious meals, daily human contact and supportive services for 38 years.


Ceviche a la Minute: Australian Suzuki, avocado, cilantro, lime, habanero, ginger, sea salt, house fried tortilla - $9

Chilled Cucumber Soup: with seared prawns, avocado and tomato confit - $7.5

Cast-Iron Chicken: crispy skinned boneless chicken thigh, heirloom tomatoes,lemon cucumber, basil - $11

Parisienne Gnocchi: Brentwood corn, broccoli di ciccio, Padrón peppers, preserved lemon, chile oil - $8

Rare Beef Tostada: aged prime ribeye, basil, lime, tomatillo, caper aioli, radish, watercress on a crispy tortilla - $8

King Trumpet: mushroom with triple fried potato, garlic confit and charred scallion sour cream on a homemade flatbread - $6

"Corn Dog" and Sweet Potato Fries with homemade ranch dressing - $7

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushrom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Homemade Brioche Bread Pudding: blackberries, nectarines, soft cream and muscat - $5.75

Humphry Slocombe Sweet Corn Ice Cream - $3.25 per scoop


Saturday July 11th: Mission Stoned Food

This Saturday, Mission Street Food is Mission Stoned Food, a munchie space station here to rain tender morsels down on the blazed. We'll be reinterpreting classics of the stoner food genre, and inventing a few new ones. Chris Ying--Meatpaper editor, former cook, and sometimes blogger--is the guest chef.

MSF will donate its profits to the St. Anthony's Foundation, which operates one of our favorite food pantries in the city. They're open every day of the year.


Chips and Dip: foie french onion dip with Bugles, Cheetos, Ruffles,
Pringles, Doritos, Funyuns, Hot Fries - $6.5 (veg dip available)

Humboldt Fog: Cypress Grove goat milk nacho cheese with hash browns - $7

PB & "Js": spicy peanut butter dipping sauce with two taquitos of duck confit
and Benton's bacon -or- vegetarian taquitos with banana and smoky lychee - $5

Inverted Nacho: roasted corn, avocado, jalapeño crema, parmesan frico - $7

Hot Pocket: Portuguese-style chicken curry with onion, potato, and coconut
milk in a fried pastry pocket - $6.5

Dinner for Two for One: a three-meat and ricotta meatball sandwich with
tomato sauce and gruyere fonduta on homemade focaccia -and- a homemade biscuit loaded with sausage gravy - $12

Pineapple Express: grilled pineapple with sweet garlic rice and crispy
pancetta (veg option available) - $7

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushrom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Milky Snwixerteers Kat - terrine of candy bars with vanilla ice cream - $6

Munchie Special - scoop of Humphry Slocombe's peanut butter ice cream laced with chocolate-covered pretzels - $3.50

your brain on drugs (ie, a fried egg) - $1
crumbled Famous Amos Cookies on any dish- $.75
ranch sauce anywhere - $.75


Thursday July 9: The Sunbeam Foundation and SF Food Bank

This Thursday we are pleased to host Ian Marks who worked at The Liberty Cafe and The Fatted Calf before moving to the Hog Island Oyster Co. where he is now the executive chef. In addition to oysters straight from the source, his menu will spotlight a variety of seafood preparations.

Ian will be donating to the Sunbeam Foundation which was established in 2005 with the aim of spreading hope and finding a cure for rare and underfunded forms of pediatric bone cancer. MSF profits will once again go to the SF Food Bank which provides food to over 133,000 people every year through 600+ community food programs.


Chicharrones: Pork Cracklins’ with sweet chili dipping sauce - $3

Shooter: Soju Bloody Mary shooters with Hog Island Sweetwater’s - $3 each

Chilled Fox Island Mussels with curried fennel, chili and lime relish - $6

Fried Sardine with basil creme fraiche, watermelon, apricot, tomatillo - $7

Baby Octopus Crostini: Braised octopus in a garlicky tomato broth on fried toast - $8

Butta Fish: Pan-seared Walu on farro salad with cucumber raita - $9 (veg option available)

Pork Belly and Scallop with white bean, bacon, candied pinenut - $12

King Trumpet: mushroom with triple fried potato, garlic confit and charred scallion sour cream on a homemade flatbread - $6

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - 5.5

Creamsicle with candied orange peel - $4

Cherry Pie with Brillat Savarin French Triple Creme - $6


Closed for Fourth of July

Just a quick reminder that we'll be closed this Saturday for the holiday weekend. Have fun at your barbecues and picnics, and we'll see you next week with our regular Thursday + Saturday schedule.


Thursday July 2nd: Breakfast for Dinner - International Edition

This Thursday we are opening for breakfast...breakfast for dinner. Carlo Espinas of Camino and formerly chef of Piccino will collaborate with us to present a menu of breakfast foods from around the world.

Profits will go to the Delancey Street Restaurant, part of the country's largest self-help organization for former substance abusers, ex-convicts, homeless and others who have hit bottom. Started in 1971 with 4 people in a San Francisco apartment, Delancey Street has served many thousands of residents, who stay for a minimum of 2 years and receive a high school equivalency degree (GED), as well as training in 3 different marketable skills. Beyond academic and vocational training, residents learn important values, and the social and interpersonal skills that allow them to live successfully in mainstream society.


Fruit Salad: figs, nectarine and pluot with yogurt dressing, balsamic, toasted almond granola and fresh herbs - $6

Lox Napoleon: with rye crostini, creme fraiche, cucumber, dill and fried capers - $7.5

Egyptian Ful: Fava puree on homemade pita crisp with fresh herbs - $5

Mohinga: Burmese fish stew with poached black cod, vermicelli, chickpea fritter, egg and cilantro - $9

A Boracay Breakfast: Filipino-style crispy pork sisig served with garlic rice, sour mango and a tempura egg - $8.5 (vegetarian option available)

Braised Pork Migas: Braised pork shoulder with pimenton, pasilla peppers, charred spring onions and a fried Soul Food farm egg - $9

Breakfast flatbread: with Benton's Bacon, scrambled egg, avocado, queso fresco, salsa verde - $6

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

"Cinammon Toast Crunch": Firebrand pan de mie, bruleed with cinammon butter and condensed milk - $5

Humphry Slocombe Secret breakfast Ice Cream - $3.25 per scoop


-We will be closed on Saturday July 4th and will re-open on Thursday July 9th.

-$340 to Food Runners, $260 to CDC Food Pantry, $510 to St. Mary's Center, $240 to Welcome Ministry


Saturday June 27: Pride Night for Youth Meal at the LGBT Center

This Saturday we'll celebrate Pride 2009 with a veritable sausagefest and a few bearded oysters. In addition to tasteless jokes we'll also have some tasty MSF classics and a dollar off drinks if you were are going to be in the parade.

MSF profts will go to the LGBT Center's Youth Meal program which provides a "nourishing meal and a welcome environment" for LGBT youths.


Bearded Oysters: Hama Hama oysters with lemon-cucumber granita - $6.5

Sausage Fest: braised sausage "corndog" with onion marmalade and caper aioli - $5.5

Eggplant Tempura with shitake, pickled ginger, edamame puree, truffle vinaigrette - $6

Rare Ahi with foie gras, avocado, fried nori, sesame crackers - $14

Benton's Bacon, apricot and watercress on griddled sourdough with goat cheese creme fraiche - $6.5

Duck Taco Dorado: Duck Confit cucumber, tomatillo, hoisin salsa, cilantro, queso fresco, crispy tortilla - $6

PB & J: Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Belly with marinated jicama, pickled jalapeno and cilantro aioli - $6.5

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: Shitake and Oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Apricot-Cherry Trifle, with whipped Mascarpone - $5

Scoop of Humphry Slocombe Secret Breakfast ice cream - $3.25


Thursday June 25th: "McMission" Night for the Campaign for Better Nutrition

This Thursday we are excited to present “McMission,” a menu of McDonalds classics re-imagined by our guest chefs from The Moss Room at the California Academy of Science: Ben Coe (sous chef), Blake Kutner (kitchen manager) and Angela Gong (assistant pastry chef). They have worked at Orson, CUESA, TRU, Charlie Trotters, Le Cirque, Laiola, Medjool, Baraka, Kara’s Cupcakes, and The Model Bakery, between the three of them.

This night will benefit the San Francisco Project of the Campaign for Better Nutrition, whose goal is to "to improve the nutrition children receive through public programs and at home so they can learn more, be healthier and better achieve their goals."


Smoked Tofu McNuggets with Ancho Barbecue Sauce and Tequila-Agave Mustard $6

Cactus Fries with Habanero-Lime Ketchup $6

McShaker Salad with Sunflower Seeds, Watermelon and Jicama $7

Filet o' Bacalao Fish with Coriander-Cayenne Slaw $10

McRib Sandwich - Pork Belly and Smoky St. Louis Rib Roulade, Cipollinis and Ancho Cress $12

Mac Grande - Shredded Short Rib and Chuck Patty with "Government Cheese" and Spicy Zucchini Relish $12


Dulce de Leche Sundae with Hot Mexican Fudge and Chile-Cocoa Pepitas $6

Granny Smith Apple Pie $4 / with Malted Vanilla $6

Bing Cherry Pie $4 / with Malted Vanilla $6

McMission Cookie Box $5


Saturday June 20th: Mercy Corps and St. Vincent de Paul

This Saturday we are pleased to host Kyoto-born Sylvan Mishima Brackett who worked as Alice Waters' assistant for six years before returning to Japan to cook at Soba Restaurant in the countryside north of Tokyo. His catering company, Peko-Peko, specializes in the robust food of the izakaya or Japanese tavern.

A portion of Sylvan's proceeds will go to Mercy Corps, an organization engaged in humanitarian aid throughout the world. MSF profits will go to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Alameda County. This charity runs both a free dining room that serves over 1,000 hot meals per day and a food pantry that distributed more than $620,000 of food items last year.


Hirame sarada: Little lettuces and radishes with local halibut carpaccio - $8

Buta no kakuni: Braised pork belly and daikon with sake and ginger; with hot mustard and mustard greens - $10

Karei karaage: Whole fried local petrale sole with mori tsuyu - $11

Asari sakamushi: Tomales Bay clams steamed with fresh dashi, sake and mitsuba - $9

Korokke: Panko-fried potato and cream-corn croquettes - $7

Negiyaki: Scallion pancake with duck confit, crispy daikon, apricot, shiso - $8

Ochazuke: A bowl of rice with green tea and dashi, salt-cured steelhead salmon, scallions and nori - $6

Oshinko: Cucumber with shiso, napa cabbage with kombu and red chili and green pepper and katsuobushi pickles - $4

Aisukuriimu: Apricot and boysenberry ice cream with apricot sauce and noyeaux whipped cream - $6


Thursday June 18th: Haight Ashbury Food Program Night

This Thursday we are pleased to host Alex Marsh who worked with Adrian Hoffman at One Market, George Morrone at Redwood Park, Daniel Humm at Campton Place, and Craig Stoll at Delfina before taking over as Executive Chef at Solstice and Brick.

MSF Profits will go to the Haight Ashbury Food Program which feeds up to 150 families a week through its market-style food distribution program, allowing clients to select fresh fruits, vegetables and other staples to meet their own specific needs.


Asparagus and Sunchoke salad, with mache and roasted portobella creme fraiche - $7

Brillat Savarin with strawberries and Tarragon honey - $6

Seared rare Ahi Tuna with pickled vegetables, Chinese black cardamom, and edamame hummus - $9

Mediterranean spiced lamb Empanadas with sweet corn, cucumbers agro dolce - $10

Duck Brodo with slow egg, pancetta, crouton, oyster mushroom, herb chimichurri - $8

Eggplant parmesan with goat cheese, tomato reduction, basil and (optional) sausage - $8

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: Shitake and Oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Bing Cherry Tartlet with whipped cream, and candied cacao - $6

Tiramisu Cake - $6


$260 to the Food Pantry, $310 to Martin de Porres, $220 to the Women's Building Food Pantry, and $250 to Arriba Juntos


Saturday June 13th: Closed

We will be closed this Saturday (we're going to our friends' wedding) and will resume our regular Thursday & Saturday schedule on June 18th. See you next week!


Thursday June 11th: Doctors without Borders and Welcome Ministry

This Thursday we are happy to have Douglas Monsalud, who is currently owner/chef of Living Room Events (LRE Catering) and its spontaneous lunch window, KitchenetteSF. Douglas was formerly a chef for the Real Restaurants Group, helping to develop Betelnut, Gordon's House of Fine Eats, & Caffe Museo at the SFMOMA.

A portion of Douglas' proceeds will go to Doctors without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, no pun intended) is an international medical humanitarian organization working in more than 60 countries to assist people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe. Mission Street Food profits will go to the Welcome Ministry, which "seeks to provide a faithful response to homelessness and to improve the quality of life for homeless people by providing: hospitality; food; and referrals for housing, health care and drug and alcohol treatment."


california cava 'mimosa' with pie ranch farm egg - $6

black cod barbacoa with escabeche of willey farm cherry tomatoes - $7

house cured beef tongue ‘bacon’ with savory corn humitas & salsa verde - $10

adobo of liberty farm duck gizzards with spring garlic & pork belly - $9

“knuckle sandwich”: marin sun farms pork knuckle braised in torrontes with roasted apricot chimichurri - $10

sesame-avocado brown rice with shitake, nori and (optional) duck cracklins - $7

royale with cheese: king trumpet mushroom, triple fried potato, garlic confit, charred scallion sour cream, queso fresco, (optional) benton's bacon - $7.5

lung shan's vegan delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

humphry slocombe strawberry-candied jalapeno ice cream - $3.25 per scoop


We will be closed Saturday June 13th due to travel, then back to our regular schedule starting Thursday June 18th. See you soon.

Thanks to Rev. Megan Rohrer for the Welcome Ministry tip.


June 6: Yerba Buena Big Idea Night

In a twist, Mission Street Food will be the guest chefs for the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts this Saturday night. The YBCA is throwing what promises to be a fantastic party, and we have been asked to provide food to hungry party-goers for the night. The YBCA Big Idea Night Party is scheduled to run from 9pm to 3am, and features art, bands, booze, DJs, and free tattoos, among other things. Check it out for yourself here - it looks like it might be the kind of night that you could regret missing--when your children ask "where were you on the night of June 6, 2009?" and the documentary films about the party's generational impact just don't provide enough convincing detail to satisfy them.

As for Mission Street Food, we will be back in a taco truck for the first time since those early innocent Thursday nights last fall. This time, the truck will be parked further along Mission Street, at the corner of Third (in front of 130 Third St), and we'll open at 7:30 - a little bit earlier than the rest of the party. Once the Big Idea Night starts, we'll open up the "night market" we've built in the Yerba Buena Center's sculpture courtyard (also at Mission and Third). Our night market will be both art installation and fully functional (hopefully fully crowded) street food bazaar featuring a distinct menu from that of the truck. Like the rest of the YBCA party, the night market will be open 9pm-3am.

Profits (if there are any) will be spread around to the SF Food Bank and Meals on Wheels.


PB & J: Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Belly, Marinated Jicama, Pickled Jalapeno and Cilantro Aioli on a Homemade Flatbread - $7

King Trumpet Mushroom, Hashbrown, Garlic Confit, Charred Scallion Sour Cream on a Homemade Flatbread - $7

Duck Taco Dorado: Duck Confit, Queso Fresco, Hoisin Salsa, Crispy Tortilla - $7

Szechuan Eggplant with Chinese Celery, Cashew - $4

Garlic Glass Noodles with Seared Cauliflower and Shitake - $4


Braised and Batter-Fried Sausage with Caramelized Onions and Wasabi Aioli - $7

Blasian Chicken: Charred and Spiced with Baguette, Young Coconut Juice, Mint and Cilantro - $7

Sesame Avocado Brown Rice Hand Roll with Shitake - $4

Benton's Bacon BLT with Cherry Tomato, Romaine, Aioli on Ciabatta - $6

Brillat Savarin with Blossom Bluff Nectarine and Tarragon - $4

Sweet Corn Soup with Honey-Roasted Corn and Serrano - $4

Notes: While you can no longer RSVP for the party, you can still attend for free (although you might have to wait in line), and will have unhindered access to the taco truck even if the party is at capacity.


Thursday June 4th: Children's Book Project and St. Mary's Center

This Thursday we are pleased to have Jan-Henry Gray and James Moisey who both work at The Broken Record and both used to work at Firefly, where Jan was Chef de Cuisine and James was Sous Chef. Jan also works at Canteen/Sentinel.

Jan and James will be donating their profits to The Children's Book Project, which has collected and distributed over 1,000,000 books to San Francisco Bay Area children and their shelters, schools, community and daycare centers since 1992. MSF profits will go to St Mary's Center in Downtown and West Oakland which provides a variety of services in its community, including giving some groceries to 40 families per month and daily meals to 80 homeless senior citizens six times per week.


mini deviled egg salad on dark rye puffs - $6

arancini with buffalo mozzarella and anchovy sage tomato sauce (or vegetarian tomato sauce) - $7

gulf shrimp roll with crab aioli and asparagus pickles - $9

crispy pork belly, filipino breakfast style. with fried garlic rice and a fried egg egg - $9

beef shortrib and oxtail adobo over rice with quail egg and spicy banana - $11

chicken-bacon consomme with slow egg, local fried chicken and greens - $7.5

king trumpet - mushroom with triple fried potato, garlic confit and charred scallion sour cream on a homemade flatbread - $6

lung shan's vegan delight - shitake and oyster mushromo dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

katharine's "snickers" bar - $5

malted vanilla ice cream with cherries and port - $4.50

humphry slocombe blue bottle vietnamese coffee - $3.25 per scoop

Notes: This Saturday *only* we will be serving from a Taco Truck at 3rd and Mission starting at 7:30 and also building and serving food from a night market in the sculpture courtyard of the Yerba Buena Center. The party, Big Idea Night runs from 9pm to 3am and we are preparing enough food to go the distance. We hope to see you there, and while you can no longer RSVP, there should be plenty of room over the course of the night.

In other scheduling notes, Thursday June 11th is Douglas Monsalud and the Kitchenette crew.

We will be closed due to travel on June 13th, and then back to our regular schedule thereafter. Thanks.


Asian Street Food Night Part II for Community Educational Services and the Chinatown Beacon Center

Saturday is a bit of a homecoming for Leonard Shek, formerly a cook at Nopa, now at Shang in New York City and www.kitchenstink.com. Joining him is Timothy Luym, Chef and co-owner of Poleng Lounge, formerly of Charles Nob Hill and Fifth Floor. The two are running with some updated classics for the spring to summer weather:

Wasabi Potato Salad with snap peas, chives, tatsoi - $4.5

Grilled Blue Point oysters with scallion pork fat and pepper lemon sauce - $9

Red braised oxtails with king mushroom and daikon fettucine, shitake and scallions - $12.5

Soft shell crab curry "bun rieu" with confit tomatoes; accompanied by a choice of vermicelli glass noodles or garlic bread - $13

Bacon, coconut and pineapple fried rice - $7

King Trumpet - mushroom with tripled-fried potato, garlic confit and charred scallion sour cream on a homemade flatbread - $6

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight - shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Lychee and Banana Cream Napoleon - $5

Humphry Slocombe Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream - $3.25 per scoop

Leonard and Tim's profits will be donated to Community Educational Services, an organization dedicated solely to youth development in San Francisco’s Chinatown and North Beach neighborhoods. CES provides a range of services including: arts & cultural enrichment, career exploration, college guidance, counseling, employment, health and wellness, mentoring, and tutoring and homework assistance. In 2004, the Chinatown Beacon Center and Francisco Connections merged with CES to ensure a continuum of care for children and youth K-12. MSF profits will go to the St. Anthony Foundation which serves over 2,600 meals per day and is open 365 days a year.

Notes: We will open Thursday as usual, but on Saturday June 6th, we will be serving from 3rd and Mission at the Yerba Buena Center. This marks both our return to a taco truck, as well as our first attempt at a night market. The truck will open at 7:30pm and the night market will be part of YBCA's Big Idea Night which promises to be an awesome party including live bands, DJs, live tattoing, a drag extravaganza and outrageous short films. Admission is free, but tickets are limited, so you should RSVP here. By the way, the event runs from 9pm to 3am and we are planning on having enough food to go the distance, so feel free to stop by any time. We'll post more details about this next week as well.