Reminder: Closed until Thursday January 7th

Also, Mission Burger is closed and will re-open January 2nd.

Happy Holidays!


Thursday December 17th: Vegan Night for the Western Addition Senior Center

Dear Vegans,

No hard feelings okay?

Yours Truly,


MSF profits will go to the Western Addition Senior Center, which provides delivered meals for 200 seniors, and lunches for 125 at four senior centers (W. Addition, John King, Rosa Parks and Bayview Hunter's Point).


*pear salad: pickled grapes, mache, edamame puree, celery granita, mint - $7

*smoky eggplant tostada with caramelized brussels sprouts, fried plantain, shishito pepper, cilantro salsa - $6

*sesame-avocado brown rice with konbu, beech mushroom, toasted nori - $7

*roasted tomato stew with artichoke, chard, fried chick peas - $7

*daikon and cauliflower tempura with warm coconut reduction, dill, white shoyu - $7

*vegan burger flatbread: fava-chickpea patty with roasted kale, shitake, edamame and scallions; topped with guacamole, shaved fennel and sambal on a homemade flatbread - $7

*broccoli rabe with garlic confit, maitake, hashbrown, macadamia butter, shaved truffle - $10

*lung shan's vegan delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

*cacao and banana handpie with spiced walnuts and lychee-"buttercream" - $5

* = vegan food


Year End Wrap Up

Our last MSF of the year will be next Thursday December 17th with a Vegan Menu (okay maybe two vegetarian dishes).

We'll be closed this Saturday so we can serve late night Mission Burgers. Stay tuned for details. Or if you're going to be in a bar in the inner mission, direct message missionburger on twitter and we'll see about delivery.


Through November, MSF donated $17623, and conducted side benefits with The Food Pantry for $1522. Since late August, Mission Burger and Duc Loi have raised $2616 for the SF Food Bank. Your support makes a difference.


Thursday December 10th: Offal Menu and Industry Happy Hour for Foodrunners

This Thursday we're putting all of our eggs into one basket, only they're not eggs, they're chicken livers breaded in cornflakes and the basket is the left side of the deep fryer. But why split hairs (when you can split bones for marrow)? Come break [crispy sweet]bread[s] with us.

Since this is kind of a foodie menu, we're going to stay open for an industry happy hour from 11pm to midnight with food and drink specials.

MSF profits will go to Foodrunners which picked up and delivered 117,470 pounds (!) of food in the month of November. Volunteers performed 864 runs and the truck did 217. Even if you don't want to volunteer any time or energy, you can still make a big difference by just spreading awareness so that leftovers from holiday parties or other events find a home. Call 415-929-1866 and get a truck to come pick up and redistribute any food prepared in a professional kitchen.


charcoal grilled tripe with preserved melon, salmon roe, sweet herbs, shallot pickles, bitter greens - $9

crispy sweetbreads with spicy scallop crudo, pear and elderflower soubise, pea leaves, white soy - $13

country-fried chicken livers with brussels spouts, buttermilk dressing - $7

roasted bone marrow with fresh dill, tomato toast - $7

seared beef tongue with blackened grits, spicy mustard greens, pickled anchovy - $9

trotter flatbread: ham hock rillette, cornichon, sauce gribiche, on a homemade flatbread - $6.5

foie gras sundae: vanilla ice cream, huckleberry compote, shaved foie, corn pops - $7


Saturday December 5th: Aromatics Menu for Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center

"The olfactory receptors in our nasal passages can detect many hundreds of volatile molecules that are small and chemically repelled by water, and therefore fly out of the food and into the air in our mouth. The sensations from our mouth give us an idea of a food's basic composition and qualities, while our sense of smell allows us to make much finer discriminations" - Harold McGee

And because we at MSF always aspire to "finer discriminations," Saturday's menu will highlight a vartiety of aromatics. MSF profits will go to the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, food distribution program, which feeds about 400 people each week. The BHNC also offers an array of Youth, senior and housing services.


Grapefruit and Nori Edamame: blistered shishito peppers, sea salt - $5

Truffled Egg: slow egg, caramelized maitake, mushroom brodo, parmesan crouton, chard, shaved truffle - $9

Bay Leaf Scented Crawfish: 1 pound of crawfish in soy caramel with chili and garlic. Served with fine vermicelli, fresh herbs, peanuts, pickles and nouc cham - $10

Smoky BLT: benton's bacon with pickled cherry tomato, iceberg lettuce, smokehouse aioli on a homemade flatbread - $6

Coffee and Cigarettes Short Rib: coffee braised with date-tobacco jam, fried yucca, caramelized onion, dandelion - $12

Chamomile Poached Catfish: with lemongrass sabayon, sauteed lettuce, fried okra - $10

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Olive Oil Financier: with rosemary creme anglaise and marcona brittle - $6

Burnt Cinnamon Pannacotta: with orange caramel and chocolate cookie - $4.5