Thursday April 1st: Homage to Pascal Barbot

This Thursday we're continuing our homage series with a menu of dishes inspired by Pascal Barbot of Paris, France. His restaurant, L'Astrance is considered "the hardest reservation" in Paris and Barbot is the youngest chef to earn three michelin stars. His cooking is characterized by showcasing high quality ingredients with Asian accents.


Pea soup, ginger, yogurt - $4

Mushroom and foie gras galette, lemon marmalade, hazelnut oil - $12

Scallops, almond milk, mint, buddha's hand - $12

Clam, sea lettuce, citron, smoked mackerel bouillion - $10

Halibut, Sea Urchin, Chard - $16

Leg of lamb with black curry and artichokes - $12

Chili-lemongrass sorbet - $3

Jasmine egg nog - $3

Olive Oil Cake, Creme Fraiche Ice Cream, Strawberry, Aged Balsamic - $7


Saturday March 27th: Vegetarian Night

If anyone wants to go across the street and bring back an $8 lemonade from Gracias Madre, you can tell your server that I said to waive the corkage. Just kidding.


*Carrot, Amaranth, Parsnip Puree, Nori - $7

*Peas, Pea Shoots, Fresh Buttermilk Mousse, Meyer Lemon Confit, Mint - $7

*Artichoke, Panisse, Slow-Cooked Egg, Mountain Yam, Harissa - $9

*Sesame, Avocado, Rice Noodle, Chinese Donut, Beech Mushroom - $7.5

*Buckwheat Gnocchi with leek cream, pea puree, turnip dashi, braised radish - $8

Comte Grilled Cheese, with Wilted Greens, Pickled Beets - $8

*Seared Tofu, Crisped Vegetable Salad, Miso - $8

*Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: Shitake and Oyster Mushroom Dumplings in Miso Soup - $5.5

Chamomile Gelato, Wheat and Almond Crisp, Mascarpone, Blueberries - $6

* = Vegan Option Available


Thursday March 25th: Homage to Inaki Aizpitarte

This Thursday we're continuing our homage series with a menu of dishes inspired by Inaki Aizpitarte of Paris, France. The young Basque chef is self-taught, and part of a movement dubbed "bistronomique"--consisting of affordable haute cuisine. He runs Le Chateaubriand, ranked by San Pellegrino as the #40 restaurant in the world, "without ever abandoning his vagrant lifestyle." This is our humble attempt at recreating his straightforward, but unique approach.


Raw Sweet Shrimp, radish water, perilla and minutina - $11

Spring Vegetables: raw and cooked with vadouvan oil - $8

Cow's Milk Burrata with fennel, trout roe and licorice - $10

Miso Poached Foie Gras with legumes - $12

Black Cod with potatoes, lardo - $12

Filet Mignon with charred eggplant, fresh cheese, cauliflower - $14

Cheese: Pont L'Eveque with small salad - $7

Chantilly Cream with strawberry, macaroon, sorrel - $5


Saturday March 20th: New School Tapas

This Saturday we'll be serving the best tapas in San Francisco (our opinion).


Aperitif: Fino sherry, candied jamon, garlic confit - $5

Asparagus Tempura wrapped in lardo (optional) - $6

Pan e Tomate: several preparations of tomato, garlic bread tuile - $5

Spanish Tortilla with jalapeno chips and sea urchin - $6

Hongos al Ajillo Japonese: maitake, king trumpet, beech mushrooms with black garlic and miso - $6

Slow Cooked Quail Eggs with boquerones and salsa verde - $4

Jamon Bocadillo with side of smoky ham broth - $6

Gambas a la Sal: salt roasted prawns with harissa, lemon confit, almond butter - $7

Gateau Basque with huckleberry compote, pastry cream - $5


Thursday March 18th: Homage to Michel Bras

This Thursday we'll be kicking off a series of homages to world class chefs, starting with a menu of dishes inspired by the great Michel Bras of Lagouile, France. In addition to introducing diners to molten chocolate cake, Bras' Gargouillou has inspired an entire generation of modern chefs including David Kinch of Manresa and Andoni Aduriz of Mugaritz. This is our humble attempt at recreating his amazing food or serving dishes in his style. Please order the value priced tasting menu.


Tasting Menu $50 - requires full table participation

Creamed egg with beluga lentils, creme fraiche, allium boullion, brioche - $7

*Roasted Beet, our young goat cheese, olive soil, miner's lettuce - $8

*Gargouillou: a variety of vegetables, herbs and seeds prepared appropriately - $8.5

Three Spoons: artichoke, fluke with clam essence, beef consomme gelee - $8

Poached Local Halibut, pearl barley, rau ram, asparagus, sea urchin - $12

Seared Foie Gras, pickled rhubarb, braised walnut, tarragon - $13

*Cheese Course: Comte, Brillat Savarin, our butter, local greens, pear - $8

*Wheat Crisp, jersey ricotta, chestnut honey - $6

* vegetarian option available


Saturday March 13th: Neo-Classical San Franciscan Food

This Saturday we'll be featuring a menu of classic San Franciscan dishes reconsidered. If you want the old standards, go to the Tadich Grill instead.


Martini: cerignola-soju aperitif with vermouth granita - $5

Cioppino: terrine of clams, mussels, crab, scallop, prawn, tomato gelee, fresh herbs, garlic tuile - $12

Rice-a-Roni: cannelloni with roasted carnaroli, squid, parsley, peas, doenjang - $6

Hangtown Fry: lightly poached oysters, country ham, egg in three forms - $9

"Chicken for two": "roasted in the brick oven;" "warm bread salad" with "red mustard greens, scallions," "currants," and "pine nuts" - "48.00"

Fig on a Plate: sauteed lamb tongue with fig and fernet jam, beluga lentils. mint yogurt, fried ginger - $9

Anchor Steam: braised beef cheeks, pressed with celery root and served with celery victor - $11

Irish Coffee: espresso torte, Irish coffee ice cream, whipped cream - $5


Thursday March 11th: Guest Chef - Aaron Marthaler

This Thursday we are pleased to have Aaron Marthaler, currently sous chef of the Alembic. Aaron has worked at Salt House, Moose's and Postrio and will be serving a menu of Modern American spring dishes inspired by yesterday's hail storm.

MSF profits will go towards the opening of a full-time charitable restaurant. For anyone interested, we're almost 50% of the way to our goal:



Local Sardines with lentils, chorizo, parmesan, pickled fennel - $9

Cold smoked Irish Sea Trout with satsuma mandarin, horseradish creme fraiche, chiogga beets - $11

Sunchoke soup with sea urchin, almonds and shiso - $7

Raw and roasted asparagus with avocado, maitake, black garlic vinaigrette - $8

Chevre-oregano gnudi, king trumpet "pasta," tomatillo, scallion broth - $8

Short rib ravioli with caramelized onions, celery root-coffee emulsion, crispy sweetbreads - $10

Pork Belly with brown butter grits, crushed peas, brussels sprouts, pickled rhubarb - $10

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Caramelized steel cut oats with huckleberry gastrique, foie gras - $7


Saturday March 6th: "A Good Idea" Night

This Saturday, we're pleased to have Jeff Rosen, former owner of the Inner Sunset's beloved Avenue 9 as our guest chef. His current ventures include various secret suppers around the city, including "Whiskey-Pig" and Club Ave 9. Follow him on Facebook at Club Ave 9 or www.clubave9.blogspot.com

A portion of Jeff's proceeds will go to "A Good Idea," a 501(c)(3), which is a vehicle for positive social change ideas that connect people in need with people who want to help. They create solutions for social issues by forming teams of experts and volunteers and implementing proven social change models involving service, education, and technology. MSF profits will go towards the startup of a full-time charitable restaurant.


21st century cobb salad: spinach puree, romaine, avocado, chicken and chicken skin, bacon powder, blue cheese mousse - $7

Crushed Pea and VA Ham soup, white chocolate and shaved radish - $6

Pork and chanterelle terrine with snap pea and bacon salad - $8

Lobster and sweetbread "pot au feu" $12

Sonoma Foie Gras "Corndogs", Homemade Fig and Bacon "Ketchup" $10

Early Asparagus and Wild Ramp Risotto $7

Griddled Piadini, Foraged Wild Nettles, Whiskey and Maple Cured Salmon, Meyer Lemon Creme Fraiche $8

Honey mascarpone cheesecake, oatmeal lace crust, candied walnuts - $5


Thursday March 4th: Community Alliance with Family Farmers

This Thursday, we're happy to team up with an old friend, Collins Anderson. He is currently catering with The Culinary Eye and has cooked at The Cottage Eatery in Tiburon, The Front Porch, Florio, Bar Tartine, and Incanto. Collins was a guest chef about a year ago and served one of the best dishes to come through our kitchen in 2009--a pasta dish including his house aged private reserve of Colonel Newsom's country ham. Sorry in advance to Collins for raising expectations...

Collins's proceeds will go to Community Alliance with Family Farmers in honor of his grandfather, Gib Anderson, a man who farmed the land of Pine Bluff, Arkansas his whole life and who knows how much help an honest farmer needs. MSF profits are going to help fund our attempt to open a full-time charitable restaurant. If anyone wants to contribute to that effort, we have a project going on Kickstarter here:



spring salad of pea sprout and radicchio with fresh mozzarella mousse, tangerine, fried almonds - $7

dayboat scallop crudo, asparagus, meyer lemon, spiced puffed wheat, mint - $9

crab bisque, fennel and potato confit, foccacia- $8

house made tagliatelle with colonel bill newsom country ham black pepper and cream $10

chanterelle barotto, hazelnut cream, arugula - $8

braised and fried baby back ribs, pickled cabbage, horseradish, saba - $12

beef and sweetbread lasagna with fava beans and leaves, marjoram, taleggio and gruyere - $8

french toast, carmel sauce, chocolate sauce - $6