Saturday March 6th: "A Good Idea" Night

This Saturday, we're pleased to have Jeff Rosen, former owner of the Inner Sunset's beloved Avenue 9 as our guest chef. His current ventures include various secret suppers around the city, including "Whiskey-Pig" and Club Ave 9. Follow him on Facebook at Club Ave 9 or www.clubave9.blogspot.com

A portion of Jeff's proceeds will go to "A Good Idea," a 501(c)(3), which is a vehicle for positive social change ideas that connect people in need with people who want to help. They create solutions for social issues by forming teams of experts and volunteers and implementing proven social change models involving service, education, and technology. MSF profits will go towards the startup of a full-time charitable restaurant.


21st century cobb salad: spinach puree, romaine, avocado, chicken and chicken skin, bacon powder, blue cheese mousse - $7

Crushed Pea and VA Ham soup, white chocolate and shaved radish - $6

Pork and chanterelle terrine with snap pea and bacon salad - $8

Lobster and sweetbread "pot au feu" $12

Sonoma Foie Gras "Corndogs", Homemade Fig and Bacon "Ketchup" $10

Early Asparagus and Wild Ramp Risotto $7

Griddled Piadini, Foraged Wild Nettles, Whiskey and Maple Cured Salmon, Meyer Lemon Creme Fraiche $8

Honey mascarpone cheesecake, oatmeal lace crust, candied walnuts - $5

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