Thursday March 18th: Homage to Michel Bras

This Thursday we'll be kicking off a series of homages to world class chefs, starting with a menu of dishes inspired by the great Michel Bras of Lagouile, France. In addition to introducing diners to molten chocolate cake, Bras' Gargouillou has inspired an entire generation of modern chefs including David Kinch of Manresa and Andoni Aduriz of Mugaritz. This is our humble attempt at recreating his amazing food or serving dishes in his style. Please order the value priced tasting menu.


Tasting Menu $50 - requires full table participation

Creamed egg with beluga lentils, creme fraiche, allium boullion, brioche - $7

*Roasted Beet, our young goat cheese, olive soil, miner's lettuce - $8

*Gargouillou: a variety of vegetables, herbs and seeds prepared appropriately - $8.5

Three Spoons: artichoke, fluke with clam essence, beef consomme gelee - $8

Poached Local Halibut, pearl barley, rau ram, asparagus, sea urchin - $12

Seared Foie Gras, pickled rhubarb, braised walnut, tarragon - $13

*Cheese Course: Comte, Brillat Savarin, our butter, local greens, pear - $8

*Wheat Crisp, jersey ricotta, chestnut honey - $6

* vegetarian option available

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