Thursday March 4th: Community Alliance with Family Farmers

This Thursday, we're happy to team up with an old friend, Collins Anderson. He is currently catering with The Culinary Eye and has cooked at The Cottage Eatery in Tiburon, The Front Porch, Florio, Bar Tartine, and Incanto. Collins was a guest chef about a year ago and served one of the best dishes to come through our kitchen in 2009--a pasta dish including his house aged private reserve of Colonel Newsom's country ham. Sorry in advance to Collins for raising expectations...

Collins's proceeds will go to Community Alliance with Family Farmers in honor of his grandfather, Gib Anderson, a man who farmed the land of Pine Bluff, Arkansas his whole life and who knows how much help an honest farmer needs. MSF profits are going to help fund our attempt to open a full-time charitable restaurant. If anyone wants to contribute to that effort, we have a project going on Kickstarter here:



spring salad of pea sprout and radicchio with fresh mozzarella mousse, tangerine, fried almonds - $7

dayboat scallop crudo, asparagus, meyer lemon, spiced puffed wheat, mint - $9

crab bisque, fennel and potato confit, foccacia- $8

house made tagliatelle with colonel bill newsom country ham black pepper and cream $10

chanterelle barotto, hazelnut cream, arugula - $8

braised and fried baby back ribs, pickled cabbage, horseradish, saba - $12

beef and sweetbread lasagna with fava beans and leaves, marjoram, taleggio and gruyere - $8

french toast, carmel sauce, chocolate sauce - $6

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