Thursday July 2nd: Breakfast for Dinner - International Edition

This Thursday we are opening for breakfast...breakfast for dinner. Carlo Espinas of Camino and formerly chef of Piccino will collaborate with us to present a menu of breakfast foods from around the world.

Profits will go to the Delancey Street Restaurant, part of the country's largest self-help organization for former substance abusers, ex-convicts, homeless and others who have hit bottom. Started in 1971 with 4 people in a San Francisco apartment, Delancey Street has served many thousands of residents, who stay for a minimum of 2 years and receive a high school equivalency degree (GED), as well as training in 3 different marketable skills. Beyond academic and vocational training, residents learn important values, and the social and interpersonal skills that allow them to live successfully in mainstream society.


Fruit Salad: figs, nectarine and pluot with yogurt dressing, balsamic, toasted almond granola and fresh herbs - $6

Lox Napoleon: with rye crostini, creme fraiche, cucumber, dill and fried capers - $7.5

Egyptian Ful: Fava puree on homemade pita crisp with fresh herbs - $5

Mohinga: Burmese fish stew with poached black cod, vermicelli, chickpea fritter, egg and cilantro - $9

A Boracay Breakfast: Filipino-style crispy pork sisig served with garlic rice, sour mango and a tempura egg - $8.5 (vegetarian option available)

Braised Pork Migas: Braised pork shoulder with pimenton, pasilla peppers, charred spring onions and a fried Soul Food farm egg - $9

Breakfast flatbread: with Benton's Bacon, scrambled egg, avocado, queso fresco, salsa verde - $6

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

"Cinammon Toast Crunch": Firebrand pan de mie, bruleed with cinammon butter and condensed milk - $5

Humphry Slocombe Secret breakfast Ice Cream - $3.25 per scoop


-We will be closed on Saturday July 4th and will re-open on Thursday July 9th.

-$340 to Food Runners, $260 to CDC Food Pantry, $510 to St. Mary's Center, $240 to Welcome Ministry


Saturday June 27: Pride Night for Youth Meal at the LGBT Center

This Saturday we'll celebrate Pride 2009 with a veritable sausagefest and a few bearded oysters. In addition to tasteless jokes we'll also have some tasty MSF classics and a dollar off drinks if you were are going to be in the parade.

MSF profts will go to the LGBT Center's Youth Meal program which provides a "nourishing meal and a welcome environment" for LGBT youths.


Bearded Oysters: Hama Hama oysters with lemon-cucumber granita - $6.5

Sausage Fest: braised sausage "corndog" with onion marmalade and caper aioli - $5.5

Eggplant Tempura with shitake, pickled ginger, edamame puree, truffle vinaigrette - $6

Rare Ahi with foie gras, avocado, fried nori, sesame crackers - $14

Benton's Bacon, apricot and watercress on griddled sourdough with goat cheese creme fraiche - $6.5

Duck Taco Dorado: Duck Confit cucumber, tomatillo, hoisin salsa, cilantro, queso fresco, crispy tortilla - $6

PB & J: Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Belly with marinated jicama, pickled jalapeno and cilantro aioli - $6.5

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: Shitake and Oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Apricot-Cherry Trifle, with whipped Mascarpone - $5

Scoop of Humphry Slocombe Secret Breakfast ice cream - $3.25


Thursday June 25th: "McMission" Night for the Campaign for Better Nutrition

This Thursday we are excited to present “McMission,” a menu of McDonalds classics re-imagined by our guest chefs from The Moss Room at the California Academy of Science: Ben Coe (sous chef), Blake Kutner (kitchen manager) and Angela Gong (assistant pastry chef). They have worked at Orson, CUESA, TRU, Charlie Trotters, Le Cirque, Laiola, Medjool, Baraka, Kara’s Cupcakes, and The Model Bakery, between the three of them.

This night will benefit the San Francisco Project of the Campaign for Better Nutrition, whose goal is to "to improve the nutrition children receive through public programs and at home so they can learn more, be healthier and better achieve their goals."


Smoked Tofu McNuggets with Ancho Barbecue Sauce and Tequila-Agave Mustard $6

Cactus Fries with Habanero-Lime Ketchup $6

McShaker Salad with Sunflower Seeds, Watermelon and Jicama $7

Filet o' Bacalao Fish with Coriander-Cayenne Slaw $10

McRib Sandwich - Pork Belly and Smoky St. Louis Rib Roulade, Cipollinis and Ancho Cress $12

Mac Grande - Shredded Short Rib and Chuck Patty with "Government Cheese" and Spicy Zucchini Relish $12


Dulce de Leche Sundae with Hot Mexican Fudge and Chile-Cocoa Pepitas $6

Granny Smith Apple Pie $4 / with Malted Vanilla $6

Bing Cherry Pie $4 / with Malted Vanilla $6

McMission Cookie Box $5


Saturday June 20th: Mercy Corps and St. Vincent de Paul

This Saturday we are pleased to host Kyoto-born Sylvan Mishima Brackett who worked as Alice Waters' assistant for six years before returning to Japan to cook at Soba Restaurant in the countryside north of Tokyo. His catering company, Peko-Peko, specializes in the robust food of the izakaya or Japanese tavern.

A portion of Sylvan's proceeds will go to Mercy Corps, an organization engaged in humanitarian aid throughout the world. MSF profits will go to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Alameda County. This charity runs both a free dining room that serves over 1,000 hot meals per day and a food pantry that distributed more than $620,000 of food items last year.


Hirame sarada: Little lettuces and radishes with local halibut carpaccio - $8

Buta no kakuni: Braised pork belly and daikon with sake and ginger; with hot mustard and mustard greens - $10

Karei karaage: Whole fried local petrale sole with mori tsuyu - $11

Asari sakamushi: Tomales Bay clams steamed with fresh dashi, sake and mitsuba - $9

Korokke: Panko-fried potato and cream-corn croquettes - $7

Negiyaki: Scallion pancake with duck confit, crispy daikon, apricot, shiso - $8

Ochazuke: A bowl of rice with green tea and dashi, salt-cured steelhead salmon, scallions and nori - $6

Oshinko: Cucumber with shiso, napa cabbage with kombu and red chili and green pepper and katsuobushi pickles - $4

Aisukuriimu: Apricot and boysenberry ice cream with apricot sauce and noyeaux whipped cream - $6


Thursday June 18th: Haight Ashbury Food Program Night

This Thursday we are pleased to host Alex Marsh who worked with Adrian Hoffman at One Market, George Morrone at Redwood Park, Daniel Humm at Campton Place, and Craig Stoll at Delfina before taking over as Executive Chef at Solstice and Brick.

MSF Profits will go to the Haight Ashbury Food Program which feeds up to 150 families a week through its market-style food distribution program, allowing clients to select fresh fruits, vegetables and other staples to meet their own specific needs.


Asparagus and Sunchoke salad, with mache and roasted portobella creme fraiche - $7

Brillat Savarin with strawberries and Tarragon honey - $6

Seared rare Ahi Tuna with pickled vegetables, Chinese black cardamom, and edamame hummus - $9

Mediterranean spiced lamb Empanadas with sweet corn, cucumbers agro dolce - $10

Duck Brodo with slow egg, pancetta, crouton, oyster mushroom, herb chimichurri - $8

Eggplant parmesan with goat cheese, tomato reduction, basil and (optional) sausage - $8

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: Shitake and Oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Bing Cherry Tartlet with whipped cream, and candied cacao - $6

Tiramisu Cake - $6


$260 to the Food Pantry, $310 to Martin de Porres, $220 to the Women's Building Food Pantry, and $250 to Arriba Juntos


Saturday June 13th: Closed

We will be closed this Saturday (we're going to our friends' wedding) and will resume our regular Thursday & Saturday schedule on June 18th. See you next week!


Thursday June 11th: Doctors without Borders and Welcome Ministry

This Thursday we are happy to have Douglas Monsalud, who is currently owner/chef of Living Room Events (LRE Catering) and its spontaneous lunch window, KitchenetteSF. Douglas was formerly a chef for the Real Restaurants Group, helping to develop Betelnut, Gordon's House of Fine Eats, & Caffe Museo at the SFMOMA.

A portion of Douglas' proceeds will go to Doctors without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, no pun intended) is an international medical humanitarian organization working in more than 60 countries to assist people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe. Mission Street Food profits will go to the Welcome Ministry, which "seeks to provide a faithful response to homelessness and to improve the quality of life for homeless people by providing: hospitality; food; and referrals for housing, health care and drug and alcohol treatment."


california cava 'mimosa' with pie ranch farm egg - $6

black cod barbacoa with escabeche of willey farm cherry tomatoes - $7

house cured beef tongue ‘bacon’ with savory corn humitas & salsa verde - $10

adobo of liberty farm duck gizzards with spring garlic & pork belly - $9

“knuckle sandwich”: marin sun farms pork knuckle braised in torrontes with roasted apricot chimichurri - $10

sesame-avocado brown rice with shitake, nori and (optional) duck cracklins - $7

royale with cheese: king trumpet mushroom, triple fried potato, garlic confit, charred scallion sour cream, queso fresco, (optional) benton's bacon - $7.5

lung shan's vegan delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

humphry slocombe strawberry-candied jalapeno ice cream - $3.25 per scoop


We will be closed Saturday June 13th due to travel, then back to our regular schedule starting Thursday June 18th. See you soon.

Thanks to Rev. Megan Rohrer for the Welcome Ministry tip.


June 6: Yerba Buena Big Idea Night

In a twist, Mission Street Food will be the guest chefs for the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts this Saturday night. The YBCA is throwing what promises to be a fantastic party, and we have been asked to provide food to hungry party-goers for the night. The YBCA Big Idea Night Party is scheduled to run from 9pm to 3am, and features art, bands, booze, DJs, and free tattoos, among other things. Check it out for yourself here - it looks like it might be the kind of night that you could regret missing--when your children ask "where were you on the night of June 6, 2009?" and the documentary films about the party's generational impact just don't provide enough convincing detail to satisfy them.

As for Mission Street Food, we will be back in a taco truck for the first time since those early innocent Thursday nights last fall. This time, the truck will be parked further along Mission Street, at the corner of Third (in front of 130 Third St), and we'll open at 7:30 - a little bit earlier than the rest of the party. Once the Big Idea Night starts, we'll open up the "night market" we've built in the Yerba Buena Center's sculpture courtyard (also at Mission and Third). Our night market will be both art installation and fully functional (hopefully fully crowded) street food bazaar featuring a distinct menu from that of the truck. Like the rest of the YBCA party, the night market will be open 9pm-3am.

Profits (if there are any) will be spread around to the SF Food Bank and Meals on Wheels.


PB & J: Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Belly, Marinated Jicama, Pickled Jalapeno and Cilantro Aioli on a Homemade Flatbread - $7

King Trumpet Mushroom, Hashbrown, Garlic Confit, Charred Scallion Sour Cream on a Homemade Flatbread - $7

Duck Taco Dorado: Duck Confit, Queso Fresco, Hoisin Salsa, Crispy Tortilla - $7

Szechuan Eggplant with Chinese Celery, Cashew - $4

Garlic Glass Noodles with Seared Cauliflower and Shitake - $4


Braised and Batter-Fried Sausage with Caramelized Onions and Wasabi Aioli - $7

Blasian Chicken: Charred and Spiced with Baguette, Young Coconut Juice, Mint and Cilantro - $7

Sesame Avocado Brown Rice Hand Roll with Shitake - $4

Benton's Bacon BLT with Cherry Tomato, Romaine, Aioli on Ciabatta - $6

Brillat Savarin with Blossom Bluff Nectarine and Tarragon - $4

Sweet Corn Soup with Honey-Roasted Corn and Serrano - $4

Notes: While you can no longer RSVP for the party, you can still attend for free (although you might have to wait in line), and will have unhindered access to the taco truck even if the party is at capacity.


Thursday June 4th: Children's Book Project and St. Mary's Center

This Thursday we are pleased to have Jan-Henry Gray and James Moisey who both work at The Broken Record and both used to work at Firefly, where Jan was Chef de Cuisine and James was Sous Chef. Jan also works at Canteen/Sentinel.

Jan and James will be donating their profits to The Children's Book Project, which has collected and distributed over 1,000,000 books to San Francisco Bay Area children and their shelters, schools, community and daycare centers since 1992. MSF profits will go to St Mary's Center in Downtown and West Oakland which provides a variety of services in its community, including giving some groceries to 40 families per month and daily meals to 80 homeless senior citizens six times per week.


mini deviled egg salad on dark rye puffs - $6

arancini with buffalo mozzarella and anchovy sage tomato sauce (or vegetarian tomato sauce) - $7

gulf shrimp roll with crab aioli and asparagus pickles - $9

crispy pork belly, filipino breakfast style. with fried garlic rice and a fried egg egg - $9

beef shortrib and oxtail adobo over rice with quail egg and spicy banana - $11

chicken-bacon consomme with slow egg, local fried chicken and greens - $7.5

king trumpet - mushroom with triple fried potato, garlic confit and charred scallion sour cream on a homemade flatbread - $6

lung shan's vegan delight - shitake and oyster mushromo dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

katharine's "snickers" bar - $5

malted vanilla ice cream with cherries and port - $4.50

humphry slocombe blue bottle vietnamese coffee - $3.25 per scoop

Notes: This Saturday *only* we will be serving from a Taco Truck at 3rd and Mission starting at 7:30 and also building and serving food from a night market in the sculpture courtyard of the Yerba Buena Center. The party, Big Idea Night runs from 9pm to 3am and we are preparing enough food to go the distance. We hope to see you there, and while you can no longer RSVP, there should be plenty of room over the course of the night.

In other scheduling notes, Thursday June 11th is Douglas Monsalud and the Kitchenette crew.

We will be closed due to travel on June 13th, and then back to our regular schedule thereafter. Thanks.