Saturday June 20th: Mercy Corps and St. Vincent de Paul

This Saturday we are pleased to host Kyoto-born Sylvan Mishima Brackett who worked as Alice Waters' assistant for six years before returning to Japan to cook at Soba Restaurant in the countryside north of Tokyo. His catering company, Peko-Peko, specializes in the robust food of the izakaya or Japanese tavern.

A portion of Sylvan's proceeds will go to Mercy Corps, an organization engaged in humanitarian aid throughout the world. MSF profits will go to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Alameda County. This charity runs both a free dining room that serves over 1,000 hot meals per day and a food pantry that distributed more than $620,000 of food items last year.


Hirame sarada: Little lettuces and radishes with local halibut carpaccio - $8

Buta no kakuni: Braised pork belly and daikon with sake and ginger; with hot mustard and mustard greens - $10

Karei karaage: Whole fried local petrale sole with mori tsuyu - $11

Asari sakamushi: Tomales Bay clams steamed with fresh dashi, sake and mitsuba - $9

Korokke: Panko-fried potato and cream-corn croquettes - $7

Negiyaki: Scallion pancake with duck confit, crispy daikon, apricot, shiso - $8

Ochazuke: A bowl of rice with green tea and dashi, salt-cured steelhead salmon, scallions and nori - $6

Oshinko: Cucumber with shiso, napa cabbage with kombu and red chili and green pepper and katsuobushi pickles - $4

Aisukuriimu: Apricot and boysenberry ice cream with apricot sauce and noyeaux whipped cream - $6

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