Thursday June 4th: Children's Book Project and St. Mary's Center

This Thursday we are pleased to have Jan-Henry Gray and James Moisey who both work at The Broken Record and both used to work at Firefly, where Jan was Chef de Cuisine and James was Sous Chef. Jan also works at Canteen/Sentinel.

Jan and James will be donating their profits to The Children's Book Project, which has collected and distributed over 1,000,000 books to San Francisco Bay Area children and their shelters, schools, community and daycare centers since 1992. MSF profits will go to St Mary's Center in Downtown and West Oakland which provides a variety of services in its community, including giving some groceries to 40 families per month and daily meals to 80 homeless senior citizens six times per week.


mini deviled egg salad on dark rye puffs - $6

arancini with buffalo mozzarella and anchovy sage tomato sauce (or vegetarian tomato sauce) - $7

gulf shrimp roll with crab aioli and asparagus pickles - $9

crispy pork belly, filipino breakfast style. with fried garlic rice and a fried egg egg - $9

beef shortrib and oxtail adobo over rice with quail egg and spicy banana - $11

chicken-bacon consomme with slow egg, local fried chicken and greens - $7.5

king trumpet - mushroom with triple fried potato, garlic confit and charred scallion sour cream on a homemade flatbread - $6

lung shan's vegan delight - shitake and oyster mushromo dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

katharine's "snickers" bar - $5

malted vanilla ice cream with cherries and port - $4.50

humphry slocombe blue bottle vietnamese coffee - $3.25 per scoop

Notes: This Saturday *only* we will be serving from a Taco Truck at 3rd and Mission starting at 7:30 and also building and serving food from a night market in the sculpture courtyard of the Yerba Buena Center. The party, Big Idea Night runs from 9pm to 3am and we are preparing enough food to go the distance. We hope to see you there, and while you can no longer RSVP, there should be plenty of room over the course of the night.

In other scheduling notes, Thursday June 11th is Douglas Monsalud and the Kitchenette crew.

We will be closed due to travel on June 13th, and then back to our regular schedule thereafter. Thanks.


Unknown said...

So the 7:30 truck is separate from the 9PM YBCA RSVP event, right?

MSF said...

they are connected. the truck is just going to open a little earlier and be available on the street. you will need to stick around until 9 for the night market to open if you want to try the full menu though. more details shortly.