Saturday March 13th: Neo-Classical San Franciscan Food

This Saturday we'll be featuring a menu of classic San Franciscan dishes reconsidered. If you want the old standards, go to the Tadich Grill instead.


Martini: cerignola-soju aperitif with vermouth granita - $5

Cioppino: terrine of clams, mussels, crab, scallop, prawn, tomato gelee, fresh herbs, garlic tuile - $12

Rice-a-Roni: cannelloni with roasted carnaroli, squid, parsley, peas, doenjang - $6

Hangtown Fry: lightly poached oysters, country ham, egg in three forms - $9

"Chicken for two": "roasted in the brick oven;" "warm bread salad" with "red mustard greens, scallions," "currants," and "pine nuts" - "48.00"

Fig on a Plate: sauteed lamb tongue with fig and fernet jam, beluga lentils. mint yogurt, fried ginger - $9

Anchor Steam: braised beef cheeks, pressed with celery root and served with celery victor - $11

Irish Coffee: espresso torte, Irish coffee ice cream, whipped cream - $5

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waynker said...

Love the David Chang reference! YES!