Year End Wrap Up

Our last MSF of the year will be next Thursday December 17th with a Vegan Menu (okay maybe two vegetarian dishes).

We'll be closed this Saturday so we can serve late night Mission Burgers. Stay tuned for details. Or if you're going to be in a bar in the inner mission, direct message missionburger on twitter and we'll see about delivery.


Through November, MSF donated $17623, and conducted side benefits with The Food Pantry for $1522. Since late August, Mission Burger and Duc Loi have raised $2616 for the SF Food Bank. Your support makes a difference.


TJ said...

Crap. Won't be in town then. Sad vegan. :-(

Mai said...

Good luck on the late night burger -ing. And by the way, people can't D msg you on twitter unless you are following them.