Thursday December 10th: Offal Menu and Industry Happy Hour for Foodrunners

This Thursday we're putting all of our eggs into one basket, only they're not eggs, they're chicken livers breaded in cornflakes and the basket is the left side of the deep fryer. But why split hairs (when you can split bones for marrow)? Come break [crispy sweet]bread[s] with us.

Since this is kind of a foodie menu, we're going to stay open for an industry happy hour from 11pm to midnight with food and drink specials.

MSF profits will go to Foodrunners which picked up and delivered 117,470 pounds (!) of food in the month of November. Volunteers performed 864 runs and the truck did 217. Even if you don't want to volunteer any time or energy, you can still make a big difference by just spreading awareness so that leftovers from holiday parties or other events find a home. Call 415-929-1866 and get a truck to come pick up and redistribute any food prepared in a professional kitchen.


charcoal grilled tripe with preserved melon, salmon roe, sweet herbs, shallot pickles, bitter greens - $9

crispy sweetbreads with spicy scallop crudo, pear and elderflower soubise, pea leaves, white soy - $13

country-fried chicken livers with brussels spouts, buttermilk dressing - $7

roasted bone marrow with fresh dill, tomato toast - $7

seared beef tongue with blackened grits, spicy mustard greens, pickled anchovy - $9

trotter flatbread: ham hock rillette, cornichon, sauce gribiche, on a homemade flatbread - $6.5

foie gras sundae: vanilla ice cream, huckleberry compote, shaved foie, corn pops - $7

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