Saturday September 19th: Miscegenation Night for the Food Pantry

This Saturday we are featuring dishes that involve mixing cuisines. While historically, miscegenation has some bad connotations, these days it seems less loaded than the "F" word (...rhymes with illusion). Mostly, we are just excited to have duck rillette in our duck consomme ramen.

Profits will go to the Food Pantry, which provides over nine tons of free, fresh groceries to hungry families every week, including 912 served last week. The Food Pantry is run by poor people for poor people--their volunteers came to get food and stayed to help out.


*Watermelon Salad with fried chicken skin, marinated tofu, shiso, edamame - $6

Duck Consomme Ramen with duck rillette, sliced duck breast, jidori egg, garlic confit, and pickled bamboo (!) - $9.5

German Shepherd's Pie: slow cooked sauerkraut, parsley root-potato puree and braised brisket - $9

*Banana Leaf Halibut: with cherry tomato, fresh chickpea, smoky eggplant puree and cilantro yogurt - $12

PB & J: Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Belly with marinated jicama, cilantro aioli and pickled jalapeno - $6.5

*Sesame-Avocado Brown Rice with beech mushroom and salmon roe - $7.5

*Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Butter Fried Cornbread with buttermilk pannacotta and mint julep honey - $5.5

*=vegetarian or vegetarian option available

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Unknown said...

A Fabulous multicultural menu! Have fun eating it everyone!