Thursday September 10th: Soul Cocina Chaat Menu for the Beacon Culinary Project of Western Addition and the SF Food Bank

This Thursday we are pleased to host Roger Feely, founder of Soul Cocina, a San Francisco based culinary arts project. Roger hosts cooking classes and underground dining experiencesin the San Francisco Bay Area, and can be found on the streets via http://twitter.com/Soulcocina, or behind the stoves at Kitchenette and Living Room Events. On Thursday, Roger will be presenting our first Chaat menu (Indian street food).

Roger will be donating his profits to a fender blender from Rock the Bike for the Beacon Culinary Project of Western Addition. He will use the fender blender to promote homemade cooking and alternative sources of energy. The program "provides quality after-school programming for youth and also serves as a community center addressing the specific needs of the Western Addition community." Roger is personally involved in this project, and visits once a week to share his passion for cooking.


*Bhel Puri: tangy, sweet, slightly spicy puffed rice snack - $5

*Poha: fragrant flattened rice dish with cashews and dry farmed tomatoes - $5

*Rasa Vadai or Dahi Vadai: Lentil fritters in yogurt or spiced tomato broth - $6

*Nariyala Idli: Fried coconut and rice patties with fresh mango, mango pickle and young cocount juice - $6

*Rabe Paneer: roasted broccoli rabe and kale with homemade paneer - $6.5

Achar Gosht: Lamb Curry with seared peppers, fresh garbanzo and cilantro yogurt on a homemade garlic flatbread - $7.5

*Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

*Royal Falooda Kulfi: Sundae with rosewater syrup and vermicelli - $6

*Cardamom Toast Crunch: Bruleed Firebrand Pan de Mie with pistachio milk - $6

*Organic Cardamom Ginger Chai or Organic Rose Chai - $3

* = vegetarian

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