Thursday October 29th: Halloween Dinner for at the Crossroads

WooOooooohh!! WEeeeeEEEEeeeeEEEE OOOoooOOOoohhhh!! [Waving hands slowly, ghoulishly in the air] (Are you scared yet? No?)

This week’s theme: CANDY CORN!! All dishes will be pressed from white-and-orange corn syrup solids, individually packaged, ground-shipped from Schenectady, NY, then served by guest waiter Michael Pollan, who will remain tableside and do his best to remain stoic and non-disapproving but may on occasion weep quietly as you finish your dinner.

(How about now? Still not scared?)

Well then, bold diner, your brave soul has “passed mustard.” Come join us for a halloween inspired menu presented by guest chef Carlo Espinas. It will be a meal worthy of only the pickiest and pluckiest of gastronauts.

MSF profits will go to At the Crossroads. ATC works on the streets with 1,000 homeless youth and young adults every year, and develops close counseling relationships with 250 of them. All of these young people get food from us and many rely on ATC to meet the majority of their food needs. ATC gives out more than 60,000 pounds of food every year including 15,000 snacks and 2,500 sandwiches in the Mission and Tenderloin, 5,000 food boxes (mostly delivered to client apartments after transitioning off the streets), and 2,000 restaurant meals during 1-1 counseling sessions.

Reminder that reservations are now accepted on the hour. Email MSFreservations@gmail.com


fennel, orange and black olive salad with crushed black licorice candy - $5.5

roasted pumpkin pot pie with braised pork belly and shoulder, and sage - $9

angels and devils: bacon-wrapped shrimp and goat cheese-filled jalapeno poppers - $6

bobbing for apples: apple/potato dumplings in chicken broth with braised cabbage and smoked brisket - $8

orange and black: mac and cheese with carrots and cavolo nero - $5

chicken with 40 cloves: shredded chicken, garlic confit, shishito peppers and gremolata on a homemade flatbread - $6.5

lung shan's vegan delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

pumpkin sopapillas with molasses, candied popcorn and pepitas - $6

rosemary's baby ice cream with blood orange caramel - $3.5

world trick or treat! - on the house


-Anthony will be part of a panel discussion at the Commonwealth Club and subsequent afterparty at 111 Minna. Details here.

-MSF will be closed on Saturday in observance of Halloween.

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