Guest Cook Proposal Form

If you are interested in being a guest chef at Mission Street Food, please email us with the information below at missionstreetfood@gmail.com.

As a guest chef, you should buy your own ingredients and prep 3-4 dishes on your own, with some exceptions (both to the number of dishes and the amount of help we can provide). Same-day prep can be done at our kitchen, but as much prep as possible should be done in advance and presumably in a commercial kitchen. Money earned from your dish will be yours to keep, less 20% for shared costs. For example, if you sell 50 orders of a $10 dish, you will receive $400 to cover your time and food costs and we will use the other $100 to pay for overhead. We will staff the front of the house and will also have one or more cooks available if you need help serving your dishes. We will donate our profits to charity and you can decide whether or not to donate a portion of your proceeds to a charity of your choosing.

Creativity is encouraged, and our typical menu items are substantive small plates. Please refer to our blog for an example of past menu items and prices. Also bear in mind that the kitchen will be shared and that space and time are often limited, so your dishes should have a fairly quick and/or easy pick-up. The kitchen has four small burners, three deep fryer baskets, a wok, another pot of boiling water on a wok burner and a small oven (can fit a 6" hotel pan or half sheet).

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