From Mission--Street Food to Mission Street--Food

We’re announcing a new format for Mission Street Food: each week, we’ll feature a local guest chef/cook, who will offer his or her own dishes in addition to our regular menu.

To make this change possible, we’ll be moving from the truck into an actual restaurant. We’ve been talking with some local restaurants about sharing space, and we’ll announce the details in a few days. We’ll be closed this week for planning and will re-open somewhere in the Mission on November 6.

We’re really excited about this new set-up. We’re inviting all local chefs and line cooks to submit ideas for one or two casual-but-innovative dishes via email to missionstreetfood@gmail.com (click here for details). The guest cook can keep the profits from his or her dish, and the public will get a chance to try something new. Operating indoors will also allow us to keep going through the winter (we’d been planning to take a hiatus for the rainy season), and perhaps more importantly, we’ll be able to serve beer and wine—that means we can maintain the festive atmosphere we had out on 21st, but no one will have to worry about getting a ticket for brown-bagging it. Finally, moving down the street will help the truck’s owners avoid conflict with their neighbors; we want to emphasize that their permits are valid, and we remain on very good terms with them.

Ideally, this will be part of an indie cooking movement that will let talented cooks reach the public without the risks of opening a conventional restaurant—and let the public enjoy great food without the costs of dining at a conventional restaurant.


Chris said...

so will you be out on thursdays until you find a new spot? or are the thursdays done?

Mission Street Food said...

No MSF this week, but we'll reopen indoors next week (Nov 6).

Anonymous said...

Holler if you need a rotating sommelier. Although god knows what that means, re: liquor licensing.

Great idea, looking forward to trying the indoor location.

- wolfgang