Thursday December 3rd: Food Not Bombs Night

This Thursday we are excited to have Thomas Martinez, former executive chef of Mission Beach Cafe as our guest chef. Thomas has also worked at Aziza, Greens and Roots. He'll be presenting a menu using farmers market produce and Becker Lane organic pork, highlighting a seasonal progressive cuisine.

A portion of Thomas' proceeds as well as MSF profits will go to Food Not Bombs. San Francisco Food Not Bombs is entirely volunteer driven and serves food to the needy five days a week. Contact them to get involved, or just prepare some food and bring it to their next scheduled distribution.


**Shaved Persimmons and Pears with fennel, celery root, meyer lemon, pistachio, chervil, and bacon vinaigrette - $7

*Monterey Calimari with pickled Kale, brussel sprouts, peppercress, spiced cashews, citrus vinaigrette - $9

Becker Lane Pork Ribs with stewed nettles, cauliflower, mushrooms, cornbread - $8

**Root Vegetable Rissotto with winter herbs, organic parmesan regiano - $6

PB & J: Crispy Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Belly with marinated jicama, cilantro aioli and pickled jalapenos - $6.5

Beef and Maitake Soup with daikon confit, charred scallion, dill sour cream - $7

**Sesame-Avocado Brown Rice with beech mushroom, grilled treviso - $7

**Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

*Hachiya Persimmon Gooey Cake with vanilla, pomegranate, almonds, cardamom creme fraiche - $6

*Green Tea Semifreddo with valrhona chocolate sauce, shaved apple - $4.5

* = vegetarian/vegetarian option
** = vegan/vegan option


-$230 to Tenderloin Tessies, $220 to Free Farm Stand, $240 to the Women's Community Clinic, $450 to St. Anthony Foundation

-Special Thanks again to Elyse Winery for their generous wine donation. It resulted in us being able to serve really first rate wine for a couple nights and $408 to The Food Pantry--about enough for an entire weeks supply of food.

-If you would like to donate something we can use as a fundraiser, we'd be happy to give you publicity and a receipt for the donation. Just email us at missionstreetfood@gmail.com


Ethical Pizza said...

Um. Given that Food Not Bombs is a mostly vegan organization, you could have been more thoughtful when coming up with that menu. Is there anything on there that they themselves could eat, for example?

People shouldn't "just prepare some food" for Food Not Bombs. Please make it be vegan food.

MSF said...

Hi Pizza,

This week, the guest chef chose the charity and we followed suit, which we usually do when a guest chef chooses a hunger related charity. Since the guest chef did not go vegan, neither did we. Hopefully FNB still appreciates the donation.

I updated the menu to reflect vegan options since there are a few this week.

I thought the FNB site said vegetarian food was okay too. Regardless, I was vague because I figured that if someone made vegetarian food or food with some meat and showed up next to a bunch of hungry people, some good could come of it, even if the food distribution did not fall under the organizational umbrella of FNB.

Mai said...

i think given the current economic environment any donation might be appreciated by a npo like fnb. especially if a fine menu like this will bring diners out whether they are vegan/veggie/omnivore.

Unknown said...

If you show up to food not bombs with food it will get used, at least any Food Not Bombs I have ever seen (let's remember that they are a decentralized organization with many groups all about). My understanding is vegetarian is encouraged, vegan is even better. But I don't think anything will go to waste. However it seems like the SF FNB might only be vegan/vegetarian, but it depends who is there I guess. Regardless, the people who will benefit from the donation won't be eating at this fancy meal anyways, but I guess the point is some FNB supporters would like to do so? My suggestion: eat at home & donate the amount of this meal directly.

Personally I'm just glad to see the chef choose Food Not Bombs, as it usually gets passed over in favor of more traditional food related organizations. What they really need is volunteers.