Saturday August 29th: Seoul Food for Arriba Juntos

This Saturday Danny Bowien cooks from his heart and Seoul. Just back from Paris, the reigning world pesto champion and former Bar Tartine/Good Evening Thursday line cook will be serving a menu of Korean delights including homemade kimchi and tofu, with a dab of French technique here and there.

Saturday will benefit Arriba Juntos, which provides organic produce and other groceries for over 4000 people per month. The food pantry is just part of their larger mission of "promoting economic self-sufficiency for San Franciscans and their families through occupational training and employment opportunities."


aperitif: shiso and watermelon sorbet with iced soju - $6

doenjang jjiggae: strong miso, clam dashi, kombu, golden enoki, potato, kale, homemade tofu, korean chili. served with a small bowl of rice - $7.5

*kong guksu: cold summer noodles in fresh soymilk, with sesame, cucumber, tomato, radish sprouts - $7

kimchi onigiri: two barley rice balls with kimchi, benton's bacon, katsuobushi, nori - $6

*stealth fries with kewpie, ketchup, nori salt - $3

samgyupsal: braised, smoked, and griddled pork belly, served with kimchi, whole bean miso, fresh chilis, sesame leaves and lettuces - $11

k.f.c.: korean fried chicken with shredded cabbage, 1000 island, radish pickles - $9

*kalbi sandwich: glazed short rib, medium egg, kabocha, radish, sesame-gojichang on a homemade flatbread - $8

*lung shan's vegan delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

*vegetarian or vegetarian option available

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Jared Zimmerman said...

what is the veggie version of the kalbi sandwich?