Thursday July 30th: Chinese Food Night for SF Food Bank

This Thursday we are extremely excited to have guest chef Brandon Jew with Ryan Baker and Alison Roman. Brandon will be the executive chef of the much anticipated Bar Agricole and has worked at Zuni Cafe, Pizzetta 211, Quince, and Magnolia Brewpub (as well as overseas in Bologna at La Pernice e La Gallina and in Shanghai at The Whampoa Club). Brandon was born and raised in San Francisco and at Bar Agricole he will be "searching to define San Franciscan cuisine." Brandon calls this menu an homage to his Chinese background--and we're excited to present MSF's first Chinese Food Night.

Profits will go to the SF Food Bank, which collects and distributes 300 tons of food to 191 food pantries, reaching 132,000 people per year.


Hot and sour marinated cucumbers - $5*

Grandpa's favorite roasted peanuts - $5*

Scallop Crudo with grass jelly, lychee and fennel - $8

Tea smoked pork belly baked in brioche bun - $4 each

Jasmine rice and sweet corn porridge, Chinese bacon and donuts - $8*

Steamed ling cod, lup cheong, local seaweed and oyster broth, glasswort salt - $13

Beef brisket, black cardamom, heirloom tomato, fermented black beans, rice noodles - $12*

Duck Confit, duck cracklins, cucumber, scallion, spicy hoisin, cilantro on a homemade flatbread - $7

Sauteed Tat Soi with oyster mushrooms on garlic sesame tofu - $6.5*

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5*

"Tang Yuan": mochi, coconut sorbet, braised pineapple - $6

Almond milk jelly, lapsang-souchong honey, lychee - $6

* = vegetarian/vegetarian option available


Unknown said...

Please, just call it cantonese street food...not very chinese, considering over 95% of china isn't cantonese.

ChaoCuisine said...

Just came back from prep at MissionStFood. You can view pictures at my Picasa Web Album to get ready for the feast tonight!