Thursday May 27th: Homage Series Recap

For the past 10 weeks we've been paying homage to world class chefs and have enjoyed presenting some great dishes inspired by their food. This Thursday we conclude the series by recapping some of our favorites from the series including dishes in the styles of Rene Redzepi, Michel Bras, Pascal Barbot, Inaki Aizpitarte and QuiQue DaCosta.

The Best of the Best!


sea urchin, frozen cream, dill, cucumber - $8

roasted beet, goat cheese, olive soil - $7

foie gras and miso soup with assorted legumes - $9

bison tartare, tarragon, wood sorrel - $10

gargouillou - an assortment of raw and cooked vegetables, prepared appropriately - $8

skate, mussel emulsion, vegetable stems - $12

a basic understanding of lamb - roasted leg and crispy belly with lamb gelee, assorted seeds and grains - $14

yogurt parfait, celery, peas, chervil, mint oil - $5

olive oil cake, crème fraiche ice cream, strawberry, balsamic vinegar - $7

* * *


Mission Burger will close on Saturday May 29th

Mission Street Food will close on Saturday June 5th with plans to re-open in a different format later this summer.


Appu said...

Mission Burger is closing for good? Oh noes!

Unknown said...

Whoa! Wait a minute. Did I just see that Mission Burger will be closing? Permanently?

MSF said...

Unfortunately, it seems like numbers don't really work out when you try to sell lunch only, in a neighborhood where not many people eat lunch, and you have almost no seating (especially if the owners won't let anyone else work there).

If you're a restaurateer/investor and you want to serve the best burger in the city (under $12 price range), not to mention make some money for charity, get in touch.

Unknown said...

I'm bummed that Mission Burger won't be around anymore. Big fan here.

Fabulous menu last night!! It was my wife's first time and she enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for all you do!