Thursday May 20th: Homage Series Auguste Escoffier

This Thursday we continue our homage series with Auguste Escoffier, the grandfather of Western cuisine. Escoffier was the first chef to emphasize seasonality, lighten sauces, preserve through canning, de-glaze, and use veal stock or fumet. He's also credited with the modernization of the menu and the development of professional kitchen systems. As co-founder of the Ritz-Carlton empire, Escoffier is responsible for elevating the hospitality industry to new heights, but he also undertook philanthropic endeavors including the organization of programs to feed the hungry, and programs to financially assist retired chefs. His ideas and codification of French cuisine are acknowledged as the foundation of modern cooking in Europe and around the world.

We hope you'll enjoy a menu of Escoffier classics, which we are as proud to serve as we are humbled by the challenge of presenting them correctly.


Potage Montespan - Asparagus, Tapioca, Peas - $6

Salade Americane - Tomatoes, Potatoes, and Celery - $6

Oeufs Chasseur - Eggs with Chicken Liver and Mushroom Sauce - $8

Sole Veronique - Poached Dover Sole, Peeled Grapes, Fumet Glaze - $11

Poulet en Vessie - Game Hen and Black Summer Truffles steamed in Pig Bladder, with Spring Vegetables - $16

Rognon de Veau Robert - Seared Veal Kidney with Mustard Sauce - $8

Tournedos Rossini - Medallion of Filet Mignon with Seared Foie Gras, Madeira Demi Glace and Brioche - $16

Bombe Ceylan - Coffee and Rum Bombe - $6

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this looks so delicious.