Saturday May 15th: Guest Chef Ian Muntzert

This Saturday we're pleased to have Ian Muntzert as guest chef. Ian has worked at Coi, Zuni Cafe, Nopa, Pizzeria Delfina, Yoshi's, and Bar Tartine and his menu reflects that breadth of experience with myriad techniques and flavor profiles. Ian will also be the chef de cuisine at Commonwealth, set to open later this summer.


Scallop crudo, coconut coulis, shaved turnips, ginger tapioca, squid ink granita - $10

Ragout of spring vegetables, goat milk veil, pine, gobo - $8

Poached egg, potato, tamarind, alliums, sheep's milk yogurt - $7

Foie Gras torchon, umeboshi, kinome, puffed rice - $12

Pork belly, rock shrimp, dashi, garlic, crunchy vegetable salad - $12

Manilla Clams, chorizo, ramps, fennel, cilantro, pea tendrils - $8

Hangar Steak, nira, enoki, wheatgrass - $11

Cherries, tarragon, chocolate crisp, dulce de leche ice cream - $6

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