Saturday May 29th- California Cuisine: A Case Study

As an epilogue to our recent homage series, this Saturday we'll be examining California Cuisine by preparing food in the style of some notable area restaurants which represent two approximate schools of thought: innovation and simplicity. Included will be dishes in the style of Ubuntu, Zuni Cafe, The French Laundry, Delfina, Manresa, Nopa, Commis and Chez Panisse.


Chilled Pea Consomme, with White Chocolate and Macadamia Nuts - $6

Caesar Salad - $7

"Oysters & Pearls" - Oysters, Tapioca, Caviar - $12

Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce - $8

A Spring Tidal Pool with Octopus, Sea Urchin and Abalone - $15

Vegetable Tagine - $9

Pork Jowl, Slow Egg, Potato, Black Garlic, Alliums - $12

An Assortment of Fresh Fruit from the Market - $6

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