Saturday April 24th: Chinese Food at Lung Shan

We spend a lot of time at Lung Shan, watching and learning, and this Saturday, the time has come for us to take the bull by the horns. This Saturday, we'll be serving a menu of Chinese food--tastefully done.

Steamed Halibut Cheeks with black garlic, black bean, golden chive, chinese celery, water chestnut - $11

*Salt & Pepper Sweetbreads and Cauliflower, with sea urchin Chinese bacon - $12

*Ma Po Tofu with pork sugo, braised pork belly, beech mushroom, rice - $9

Duck and Leek Wonton in duck consomme, choy sum, braised radish - $9

*Cumin Lamb with Chinese donut, rice noodle, caramelized onion, cucumber pickle - $8

*Ginger-Scallion Noodle with shitake, broccoli rabe - $6 add dry fried beef - $4

Taro funnel cake with oolong honey and lychee - $6


Unknown said...

3 words = Ma Po Tofu! The amazing numbing power of the Sichuan peppercorn, that's the spice I've been looking for. Well done!

Wilfred Wong said...

Ma Po Tofu is incredibly delicious, on the spicy side; the flavors are fine and distictive; no muddling of ingredients, here; this a superior dish!