Thursday April 15th: Homage series: Rene Redzepi - Part 2

This Thursday we continue our homage series with another menu inspired by the food served at Noma, in Copenhagen. Our decision to make it a two part homage can be attributed to the importance of Nordic Cuisine at the forefront of a culinary landscape which has transcended unbridled molecular gastronomy. As we've stated before, the intense locality and seasonality of the terroir surrounding Noma cannot be reproduced here, and this is merely our humble attempt to learn by doing.


sea urchin, cucumber, frozen cream, dill granita - $9

shaved water chestnut, walnut, cod roe, rye crisps - $7

mackerel crudo, grilled daikon, horseradish snow - $8

spot prawn, seawater and parsley emulsion - $13

salsify, milk skin, truffle - $8

skate, ramps, vegetable stems, mussel sauce - $13

veal sweetbread, cauliflower cream, onion, elderberry vinaigrette - $13

yogurt parfait, peas, celery, chervil, pea shoots, mint oil - $6

ollebrod - fresh cheese ice cream, frothed milk, beer soaked rye bread - $6

* * *

Thanks to all kickstarter backers of Commonwealth--your contributions have successfully provided funding for our core kitchen equipment. We are still hoping to add a couple pieces, so keep providing us funding now and we'll keep providing you with gift certificates for a couple months from now.

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