Thursday April 29th: Homage to David Everitt-Matthias

As part of our ongoing homage series, we'll be serving a menu inspired by the food of David Everitt-Mathias, chef of Le Champignon Sauvage, Cheltenham, UK. Everitt-Matthias is a cook's chef who has reportedly not missed a service since 1987 and heads the smallest brigade to earn two michelin stars--just himself and two other cooks. The food at Le Champignon Sauvage is characterized by sensible combinations of luxury and economy and interesting departures from classic French.


Seared Scallop with Ras el Hanout Caramel and Cauliflower - $12

*Turnip Veloute with Vanilla and Verjus - $5

Stuffed Cabbage, Duck Confit and Tongue - $9

*Poached Egg, Chorizo Puree, Tomato Confit, Soubise - $7

*Mushroom and Cheese Tortelloni, Watercress Cream, Capers, Bitter Greens - $8

Sand Dab Meuniere, Razor Clam, Parsnip Puree, Purslane - $13

*Leg of Lamb, Peas, Wilted Lettuce, Eucalyptus - $12

Chicory Parfait, Juniper Ice Cream - $6

* * *


* Congratulations to Rene Redzepi and the Noma crew for being judged Best Restaurant in the World - 2010.

* The Quotidian needs your support. It's a documentary series about how everyday people are finding ways to improve their communities. Their upcoming productions include:

- a story on an organization that arranges free surgeries for those with no insurance and low incomes;

- a first-hand exploration and analysis of the experiences of migrants crossing the border from Mexico;

- a collaborative documentary on an organization that takes over laundromats to teach children art in inner-city neighborhoods.

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