Thursday April 8th: Homage series: Rene Redzepi - Part 1

For the next two Thursdays, we'll be continuing our homage series with Rene Redzepi, chef of Noma in Copenhagen. Each week will feature some dishes directly related to the food at Noma, and others more loosely derived. As always (and perhaps especially, given Redzepi's use of wild herbs and berries specific to the region) we do not profess to be recreating the masterpieces they serve at Noma, but merely paying homage to their inspiring food.


Toast with Cod Roe, Herbs, Vinegar Powder - $5

Squid Sashimi, Cream, Dill, Rye Crumbs, Cucumber, Kiwi - $10

Shrimp, Chlorophyll, Pomegranate Granita- $11

Bison Tartare, Tarragon, Oyster, Juniper, Sorrel - $10

*Potato, Whey, Speck, Oxalis - $6

Mackerel Confit, Olive Oil, Ramps, Parsley Jus - $11

*Vegetable Crudite and Marrow - $8

Beef Cheek, Beet, Rose, Malt - $13

Walnut Ice Cream, Walnut Powder, Blackberry Dust - $5

Strawberry, Strawberry Sorbet, Sheep Milk, Licorice, Oatcake - $6

* = veg option available

1 comment:

W. Blake Gray said...

Excellent meal. The bison tartare was the highlight. We hadn't been in a few months, and the last few times we went we liked less than 50% of the dishes. Last night you were successful with everything. Perhaps taking reservations simplifies matters for the kitchen? Anyway, glad to see you at the top of your game again.