Thursday February 26th - Native Foods Night

This Thursday we are proud to offer a menu by John Farais, a Marin County chef who specializes in the history, taste, and promotion of the indigenous cuisines of the Americas. He combines historical and contemporary techniques, bringing recognition to native ingredients as an extension of the modern locavore movement. John is a member of Slow Food and Chef's Collaborative; he is also a board member of the Marin Museum of the American Indian and is involved with the California Native Garden Foundation.

John's profits will go 50/50 between California Native Garden Foundation and the Marin Museum of the American Indian. MSF's profits will go to the Free Meals Program at the Glide Memorial Church, thanks to a recent suggestion from a customer on Saturday--we'll also donate the profits from last Saturday to the same great cause.


Rabbit Rillette (Traditional California Small Game) - Rabbit, Amaranth, Mesquite, Toasted Hazelnut. Served with Acorn tortillas - $7

Popped Wild Rice with Pine Nuts and Cranberries (Great Lakes and Canada) - $3

Nupa (Northern California) - Acorn soup with foraged mushrooms, salmon optional - $3.5 cup/$6 bowl

Salad of Native and introduced Greens, Sunchokes, Toasted Pepitas, Sunflower Sprouts with Douglas Fir-Tip Vinaigrette - $5

Bison Stew (The Plains) - Bison, Acorn Flour, Field Onions, Juniper Berries, Dried Fruit, Diced Tomatoes. Served with Bannock Bread - $10

Mussels in a Black Walnut Broth (Coastal California) - Served with Winter Root Gratin, Sea Palm and Pine Nuts - $11

Amaranth and Nettle Gnocchi (California) with Hazel Nut Hummus Sauce, Sage and Dry Jack Cheese - $5.5

Duck Confit, Pickled Strawberry, Sorrel Creme Fraiche on a fresh Blue Corn Flatbread - $6.5

Sweet Chia Cake with Humphry Slocombe Maple Walnut Ice Cream - $6

Mesquite Cookies with Humphry Slocombe Red Hot Banana Ice Cream - $6

We found some stuff at the end of the night on Saturday 2/21. If you lost anything, please contact us at missionstreetfood@gmail.com, and describe your missing item. Some of it is pretty nice!


The Vegan Tornado said...

I'm sorry, where do you find bananas in California?

Also, rabbit. GROSS. Everyone who is thinking about going eating a rabbit should read this: http://vegansaurus.com/post/81110739/

jboy82 said...

YO TORNADO if you dont like the menu then dont order from it or just stay home!!!! its for a good cause.

W. Blake Gray said...

I hemmed and hawed over this menu, mainly because it's hard to predict how many of these dishes will taste. In the end I decided native foods, Zinfandel. Besides, it should be great with bison stew and fine with rabbit rillettes.

Rabbits are the ultimate renewable resource and anyone pretending to be green should champion their consumption. Haven't you heard that they breed like rabbits?

Unknown said...

i'm going specifically for the rabbit rillette!
is it in the restaurant?