Foodpantry Part Two - 2/19

This week we are proud to feature Lung Shan as a guest cook.

Yes, as part of our evolving relationship with the nice people at Lung Shan, we will be adding a dish to their menu. We are keeping things simple for them so that they can continue to serve it full-time. They have also graciously agreed to set aside $0.50 per order for a charity of our choosing with the option of adding more MSF/LS charitable collaborations if this one proves successful. So we hope you will order this dish from them during its debut on Thursday or just any time thereafter and even via free delivery. We will periodically post updates on the sales of this dish so that other businesses may also consider sponsoring a charitable dish.

We're going to go with Foodpantry again because we visited their distribution center last week and saw the amazing work they were doing. They have beautiful produce available for hungry people, and for every dollar in donations, they can feed a family. That's two dumpling soup orders.


Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: Shitake and Oyster Mushroom Dumplings in Miso Soup - $5.5

Pear Slaw 2.0: Asian Pear, Napa Cabbage, Toasted Pine Nut, Edamame Dressing - $5

Nachos: Andante Chevre, Seared Steak, Fresh Tortilla Chips, Avocado, Tomatillo, Serrano and Pasilla Peppers, Cilantro - $8

PB & J: Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Belly and Jicama with Pickled Jalapeno and Cilantro Aioli on our homemade Flatbread - $6

MSF Rice: Smoky Rice fried in Duck Fat with Duck Confit, Duck Cracklins, Shitake, and Cauliflower- $8

VSF Rice: Smoky Rice fried in olive oil with Shitake, Cauliflower and Tofu Tempura - $6.5


Banana Mascarpone Eclair with a Chocolate Shot - $6

Ice Cream: TBA


Mother's Ruin: Herbed Soju, Tea-Infused Sweet Vermouth, Grapefruit and Lemon juice topped with sparkling wine.

Mission Street Food gave $370 to charitywater.org, $405 to the foodpantry, and $380 to groceries for seniors. We have $430 on deck for Food Not Bombs, available as soon as we hear back from them.

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W. Blake Gray said...

It's a tough one this week; I recommend a good sake.