Saturday February 28th - St. Anthony Foundation Night

This Saturday, we will send our profits to the St. Anthony Foundation, which serves over 2,600 meals per day-- 365 days a year--and provides medical services, clothing, and housewares to those in need. Their food program is extremely impressive: they feature fresh food from local farmers and the SF Food Bank, trained chefs, composting, etc.
St. Anthony's asked us to extend an invitation to anyone interested in their cause to stop by for lunch. Their weekly menu is available on their blog.


Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: Shitake and Oyster Mushroom Dumplings in Miso Soup - $5.5
French Goat Milk Brie, Pumpkinseed-Cilantro puree, Apple with Fresh Tortillas - $6.50
King Trumpet Mushroom with Triple Fried Potato, Garlic Confit and Charred Scallion Sour Cream on a fresh flatbread - $6
Chicken Wings with Ranch Grits and Tabasco Granita - $8
Sesame Avocado Brown Rice with Pork Belly or Broccoli Rabe - $8.5
Blood Red Velvet Cake with Humphry Slocombe Balsamic Caramel Ice Cream - $6
Scoop of Humphry Slocombe Salt & Pepper Ice Cream -$3.25


Unknown said...

Hey Karen,

Friendly suggestion: It'd be nice to mention the 5 person/table max (except for that one table in the back) in the Details section on the right side of the main MSF page. It might help if folks knew that groups of 6+ will likely be split up. Thanks for the great event and I can't wait to try the Sesame Avocado Brown Rice with Pork Belly on Saturday!

shauners said...

I came Saturday night to support St. Anthony Foundation and to check out a new local eatery in my 'hood. Wow! So good! I am so impressed. What a great place and awesome food. I will be checking back here to see your menu and what charity groups you are benefiting.

Unknown said...

Shoot, I forgot to check the blog for Saturday's offering, and by george I would've been there in a heartbeat for that menu...! Any chance you have an email list for upcoming menus so such a tragedy doesn't befall me again?

Mission Street Food said...

We considered an email list, but decided that it could start to feel like spam for people who move away from SF, lose interest, or whatever.

Probably the best way to be sure that you find our posted menus is to use a program like Google Reader, which alerts you when your favorite blogs post something new. That way, you're in control of whether you stay subscribed to our posts.