Thursday February 18th: Vegan Night for Food Not Bombs

This vegan night will feature rose-black tea and smoked pear kombucha produced and bottled by House Kombucha.

MSF profits will go to Food Not Bombs. San Francisco Food Not Bombs is entirely volunteer driven and serves food to the needy five days a week.

We are still trying to raise money for a full-time charitable restaurant. You can make a small contribution here:


If the project gets off the ground and you put in more than $50, you'll get a gift certificate for the amount of the contribution. If anyone wants to make a larger investment, email me at missionstreetfood@gmail.com. Thanks for your support.


huckleberry-earl grey, cava, spumante aperitif - $5

castelvetrano olives, pickled honeydew, fried almonds - $5

pomelo, snap pea, jicama, cranberry puree, house made white chocolate - $8

cassava fritters and panisse cakes with guacamole - $8

yuba, scallion, maitake and cauliflower with coconut curry tapioca - $9

roasted kale, king trumpet, fried nagaimo, braised cashews, shallot soubise - $9

black garlic stuffed tofu, beluga lentils, wild arugula, preserved lemon - $8.5

olive oil cake with toasted macadamia nuts and taro "parfait" - $6


Anonymous said...

thursday is feb 18th!

Unknown said...

Which day? Thursday is the 18th...

Pedro the Irish said...

Is this Thursday the 18th or Wednesday the 17th?