Thursday February 11th: Sergey Bubka Tribute for Groceries for Seniors

Sergey Bubka is to pole vault, what Usain Bolt would be to sprinting if no one breaks those records for 25 years (and if Usain Bolt was white).
From 1984 to 1988 Bubka increased the world record 21 cm and is still the reigning world record holder by 9 cm. According to Gary Smith of Sports Illustrated, "Here is a man who has personally altered his art form, changed the way competitors prepare for it and perform it, even the way spectators perceive it." This Thursday, guest chef Danny Bowien pays tribute to the all-time great, with a seafood driven menu inspired by Bubka's accomplishments--literally.

MSF profits will go to Groceries for Seniors, which distributes nutritious fresh food to approximately 1,188 seniors every week. They operate on $100,000 per year, which is used primarily on gas for deliveries and buying food from the SF Food Bank for 18 cents a pound. John Meehan, the founder, is the sole employee, with the rest of the program run by volunteers. You can get involved here.

Specal thanks again to Shoe Shine Wine, who have donated a considerable amount of their excellent 2005 Petite Syrah as part of an ongoing fundraiser for the Food Pantry.


aperitif- prosecco, raspberry, black sesame - $4

katsuo boullion- braised hamachi collar, turnip brulee, nori tamago, pickled turnip greens - $8

tasmanian ocean trout sashimi- roe "en escabeche", santa barbara sea urchin, crispy rice paper, fresh dill - $12

salad of radishes and sprouts- smoked eel, golden enoki, crushed peas, radish water, tarragon, horseradish - $7

lightly grilled littleneck clams- smoked habanero shoyu, pineapple vinegar, olive oil puffed barley - $8

gambas a La sal- whole shrimp baked in sea salt, burnt eggplant, squash caviar, lemon confit - $9

oysters on the half-shell- pulled pork shoulder, poached napa cabbage, salt pickles, spicy whole bean miso - $13

fig on a plate- fig and honey parfait with oolong ice milk, mint, walnut tuile - $6

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