Saturday January 23rd: Mexiterranean Night for the Food Pantry

This Saturday we are pleased to have Matt Butler as our guest chef, presenting a menu of Mexiterranean classics. Mexiterraneo is a small island village approximately 4.4 thousand miles off the Gulf of Mexico where settlers from Spain, Greece and Morocco landed in 1983, introducing a variety of spices and flavors to the native taquerias. Matt has been cooking for 20 years and was sous chef at Serpentine, Fork, Cafe Majestic and Chez Mexiterraneo.

We are also proud to feature Petit Sirah graciously donated by Shoe Shine Wine. Their wine is a tribute to the local service sector, to whom they donate a portion of their proceeds. They also have a strong dedication to social and environmental justice concerns.

A portion of Matt's proceeds, MSF profits, and wine profits will go to the Food Pantry, which provided food for 27,986 people last year. The Food Pantry is run by poor people for poor people--their volunteers came to get food and stayed to help out.


*green lip mussel tostada marinated in chermoulah with chickpeas, avocado and smoky eggplant puree - $8

*manchego quesadilla with stewed cherries, sage, watercress, and apple-tomatillo salsa - $7

"menudo" with charred tripe, chorizo, chard, tomato reduction, oregano and spiced corn nuts - $8

crab taquitos with fennel and mandarin salad, bay leaf-romesco, spiced yogurt - $9

roasted lamb leg tacos with tapenade, feta crema, cucumber, parsley, red onion - $7

pork enchiladas with harissa and petit basque fondue - $9

lung shan's vegan delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

*pear sopapillas with rosemary creme anglaise, fried almonds, white balsamic-honey - $5


Shauna said...

This sounds fabulous, I wish I could attend!

Unknown said...

I just came home dinner there tonight. The food was amazing, as was the atmosphere. But what really makes it all come together is that it is also for charity. Thanks to all!