2010: Seafood Odyssey for the St. Anthony Foundation

This Thursday we're pleased to have HAL 9000 as our guest chef. HAL will be presenting a seafood menu inspired by his recent eating tour of Jupiter.

MSF profits will go to the St. Anthony Foundation, which serves over 2,600 meals per day--365 days a year--and provides medical services, clothing, and housewares to those in need.


white soy, mirin and salmon roe gelee with beech mushrooms, rice and dill - $4

scallop tartare, water chestnut, golden chive, caraway, pumpernickel crisps - $10

seared mackerel, beluga lentil salad, fried nagaimo, wasabi creme fraiche, pea leaves - $8

shrimp and uni stuffed tofu, scallion soubise, chili vinaigrette - $7

spicy crab cake with fried plantain, mango, young coconut juice, rice paddy herb - $12

mussels, poppy cream, benton's bacon, celery root, parmesan crouton - $9

fried catfish, avocado, cucumber pickle, tapenade on a homemade flatbread - $7

lung shan's vegan delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

pistachio pavlova with citrus salad, sherry reduction, yogurt creme and nori tuile - $6


We're easing into the year and will only be open on Thursdays for now. Our first Saturday of 2010 will be January 23rd. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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