Saturday January 30th: Modern Portuguese with Jason Fox for Haitian Relief Effort

This Saturday we're extremely pleased to have Jason Fox, former executive chef of Bar Tartine, as our guest chef. Jason will be presenting his interpretations of some Portuguese classics--a special occasion given that not only is there not really any Portuguese food in this city (sorry Grubstake), there's really not any modern Portuguese.

Some of Jason's proceeds will go to Partners in Health's Haitian relief effort. PIH has been on the ground in Haiti for 20 years and is rated the most effective charity in their field by Charity Navigator, with 94.8% of funds going directly towards programs. MSF profits will go to Foodrunners, which picked up and delivered 125,675 pounds of food in December. Volunteers performed 803 runs and the truck did 268.

Special thanks again to Shoe Shine Wine who donated some of their excellent 2005 Petite Sirah for the event.


Portuguese bread and cilantro soup with chard, corona beans and slow cooked egg - $7

Monterey Bay squid and black eyed pea salad with new potatoes, wild greens, sieved egg and scallion embers - $9

Liberty Farm duck rice with chourico, pumpkin, black olive and duck skin cracklings - $11

Berkshire pork belly with cauliflower, jalapeno, watercress, compressed granny smith apple and mustard emulsion - $10

Beef tongue and cassava croquettes with leek soubise and aged sherry demiglace - $8.5

Crispy Piri Piri chicken with cider braised linguica, wilted letttuces and beluga lentils - $10

Green Lip Mussels with coconut-crab fumet, Goan curry and crostini - $9

Serra de Estrella raw sheep cheese with port-stewed cherries, shaved apple and graham crisps - $7


swag said...

>"there's really not any modern Portuguese"

Ummm, Vitor Sobral, Henrique Sá Pessoa... hello?

MSF said...

Yeah but that's in Lisbon. There are a lot of Portuguese places other than Grubstake between here and Lisbon. I meant, there's *really* not any modern Portuguese in the city.

BeeDub said...

Stellar menu last night folks! Especially the pork belly and that decadent soup!