Week Three: Brownies, Brie, and Benton's Bacon

Thanks for your continued support. As usual, there were some obstacles to overcome while starting up for the night. Among other things, the deep fryer fell and broke, so the pre-warmed oil was lost. Anyway, sorry if it took us a little while to get rolling--we're still happily amazed to see so many people enjoying our food.

It was particularly gratifying to see so many of you take a chance on the brownies with brie. We thought we'd hear a lot of requests to omit the cheese, so we didn't bring a ton of it--but next week, the brownies will be filthy with brie.

Also next week, we're switching to Benton's Bacon, notable for its intensely smoky flavor. Benton's:Regular Bacon :: Bacon:Pork.


kohl said...

The wait was worth it! We loved the brownie with brie and the King Trumpet was the best thing I have had in while (w/bacon of course). My wife could have eaten two of the Mission Melts. We'll be back. N&D

stiill said...

We were surprised to see the brownies with brie, but gave them a shot and they were awesome. It left us wondering why we haven't seen it before. So good.

Also, you guys should almost get a commission from the liquor store across the street. :)

robobob said...

I was an early "E" last night...will shoot for "A" next time!!! Awesome food and concept.

Jen said...

The food was just incredible last night. I missed out on the brie, but I'll be there early enough to make sure I catch it next week. Also, kudos to your incredibly patient, kind order-taker. Lots of people making demands, and she didn't lose her cool once. Definitely worth the wait. Looking forward to next week - with the new bacon, I might even be convinced to get bacon on my PB&J. :)