A Few Adjustments

Mission Street Food had another busy night in its second week. We got a little faster, but we also had more people, so the line was still pretty long. I’ve come up with some ideas for speeding things up, and I’m looking forward to trying them out next week. I think we can shorten the wait time by 50%, but given that we’ve been opening the door to a line of 30+ people, it seems like some waiting may be unavoidable, especially early on. Incidentally, wait times were under 10 minutes after 10:30.

Overall, this is uncharted territory, and maybe part of the fun is the “only-in-the-Mission” feeling. So thanks for your patience and enthusiasm for the food. I also want to make a few menu-related announcements:

a. in response to positive feedback, we’re going to make the Asian Pear Slaw a semi-permanent offering.

b. The potatoes in the King Trumpet will be a little less salty in the future (so feel free to add bacon).

c. I wasn’t fully satisfied with the cookies baked earlier in the day, so next week the dessert will be brownies (hopefully involving molten chocolate).


Anonymous said...

For those of us who do not add bacon to the king trumpet, the saltiness of the potatoes has been just perfect. If you add bacon, put on a little extra sour cream! Don't make it worse for the vegetarians!

jame said...

Hey, I hope to check out your truck. Looking to do something similar with ice cream. Would you been willing to share some info? Working through the permitting issues and want to know how you sourced your truck. jamie.hansen@gmail.com

Ed said...

Hi, the slaw is amazing and I am so glad you are making is semipermanent. We waited for about 45 minutes last week and didn't mind at all--especially once we bit into that mouth-watering pork belly. Hell, I would wait two hours for that. Best damned street food ever. I think the PB&J is the best execution of pork belly I've ever had.
P.S. Dear God the flat bread is incredible.
P.P.S. Don't be down on yourself about the cookies; they were also good. But it is hard to have a dessert that lives up to that belly... Mazel tov.
P.P.P.S. We'll be back.

thanya said...

I can't wait to try this! I was just thinking that SF needed some street night life.

In terms of getting the line to move more quickly, maybe you can get some ideas from Mehfil on Folsom and 2nd. They do a super speedy express lunch and get people in and out real fast!