Thursday April 2: UCSF Children's Hospital and SF Food Bank

This Thursday we are excited to feature Korean Food from Jiwon Park--currently sous chef at Range and formerly of Bacar and Roy's. Jiwon grew up in Korea and she's trying MSF because she feels that, "in SF there is no great Korean Restaurant." We are hoping that at least for one night she can prove otherwise.

Jiwon's profits will go to the UCSF Children's Hospital--one of the highest ranked pediatric centers in California. MSF Profits will go to the SF Food Bank which has supplied 21 million tons of food since July 2008, distributing to 191 neighborhood food pantries, soup kitchens, senior centers, homeless shelters and youth programs.


Monterey Bay Calamari & Green Onion Pancake with Soy Dressing - $6

Shitake Mushroom, Peppers and Glass Noodle Salad - $7

Braised Strawberry Mountain Short Ribs with Daikon and Sweet Potatoes - $10

Wine Forest Oyster Mushroom, Bean Sprouts and Rice Bowl with Korean Chili Paste - $8

Marinated Marin Sun Farm Beef Sirloin with Watercress Salad - $9

Spicy Tofu Stew with Slow-cooked Egg, Shitake, Pork, Cherrystone Clams and Raw Oyster - $7.5

King Trumpet Mushroom, Triple-Fried Potato, Garlic Confit, Charred Scallion Sour Cream on a homemade Flatbread - $6

Lung Shan's Bacon Xiao Long Bao. Four Shanghai Soup Dumplings filled with Benton's Bacon, Ground Pork, Herbs and Smoky Pork Broth - $5.5

Scoop of Humphry Slocombe ice cream: Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee or Cinnamon Brittle - $3.25 each

Notes: $490 to Dolores Street Community Services and $605 (2 nights) to UNICEFs Tap Project

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Daniela said...

So first off, a disclaimer. I LOVE MSF! I've been here about 10 times, your cashier knows my face, and I've told everyone I know to come here. I have loved every dish I've ever had... until last night. Both meat dishes were brought out COLD, and the dumplings were less than savory. I'll be back, of course, but was disappointed about what seemed like a less than stellar performance! You've set the bar high for yourselves, MSF.