Local Business Night

This Thursday, we will feature the delights of two up-and-coming local businesses: The Broken Record and Humphry Slocombe.

The Broken Record is a bar in the Excelsior boasting a wall of whiskey (114 kinds), free air hockey, a free PBR night, and a new kitchen crew that raises the bar for dive bars: Ryan Ostler and Katharine Zacher, who have worked at Boulevard, Campton Place, Firefly, Range, Quince, Tinderbox, and Serpentine. Ryan and Katharine smoke their own meat and bake their own buns, producing the kind of food that merits a special trip. Check them out (1166 Geneva Ave, a few blocks East of Mission Street).

Humphry Slocombe is a sweet little ice cream shop that Jake Godby (former pastry chef of Coi) and Sean Vahey just opened in the Mission. We think it's the best ice cream in the city, and we're proud to offer Jake's smart and delicious flavors.


Burrata with Rosemary Oil, Toasted Pinenut and Yam chips. $6.50
Farro, Beech Mushroom, Macadamia Nut, Grape, Marjoram, and Verjus Vinaigrette. $5
Brisket Sandwich: Broken Record's Brisket and homemade Bun. With Caramelized Onion, Pickled Fennel, Avocado Salsa, and a side Radish Salad. $9
PB & J: Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Belly and Jicama with Pickled Jalapeno and Cilantro Aioli on our homemade Flatbread. $6
MSF Rice: Smoky Rice fried in Duck Fat with Liberty Duck Confit, Duck Cracklins, Shitake, and Cauliflower. $7
VSF Rice: Smoky Rice fried in olive oil with Shitake, Cauliflower and Tofu Tempura. $6
Dessert: scoop of Secret Breakfast, Vietnamese Blue Bottle Coffee, or Balsamic Caramel ice cream. $3.25 each

After a few weeks off for the holidays, we're looking forward to seeing you again.


Unknown said...

Makes me want to move to Cali! Yum

disasterdelish said...

I can't wait! Trying MSF for the first time tomorrow. :)

JonasApproved said...

What time is this open?

Mission Street Food said...

We start every week at 6pm. It's on the top of the blog, but I guess it's hard to see.

Unknown said...

Sounds awesome! I'm going late after work so I hope you guys won't run out of food like on my last visit! That was a bummer.

Box. said...

HUGE line tonight!

I kinda wish there were a bacon wrapped hot dog cart nearby so I could get something to eat while waiting =P