Food Not Bombs Night (1/29)

This week's guest chef will be Leif Hedendal, formerly of Greens Restaurant and chef for Noise in My Kitchen, The Secret Cafe, and other underground restaurant projects. He will also be cooking for a benefit for the documentary, In Search of Good Food, on February 7th at Million Fishes Art Collective. Leif can be contacted at cavolonero@gmail.

Leif's menu will showcase seasonal produce from his favorite local farmers, including Blossom Bluff Orchards, Dirty Girl Produce, Full Belly, Star Route, and County Line. Leif has elected to donate a portion of his proceeds to the local Food Not Bombs, an all-volunteer global movement that shares free vegetarian meals as a protest to war and poverty. MSF will follow suit.


castelvetrano olives with fennel (vegan) 3.5

chickweed, chicory, cress, chioggas, pecorino ginepro, blood orange, rosemary-filbert vinaigrette 8

Tartine walnut levain with chevre, apple, meyer lemon, wild arugala, pine nut, honey, olio nuovo, Murray River salt 8

deep fried yuba package with maitake mushroom, mustard greens, leek, miso, Buddha's hand, matcha salt (vegan) 7

roasted cauliflower with tahini, Recchiuti chocolate 85%, piment d'Espelette (vegan) 6

king trumpet mushroom, triple-fried potatoes, garlic confit, charred scallion sour cream on homemade flatbread 6

slow egg on mashed potatoes with nettles and fresh herbs 8

bucatini e cavolo nero: caramelized alliums, fried sage, toasted almonds, capers, olives, chiles, brown butter 9

humphry slocombe
maple walnut ice cream with rosemary shortbread, olio nuovo, Murray River salt 5.5

humphry slocombe coconut sorbet (vegan) or oolong ice cream (not vegan) 3.25/scoop


Brian said...

If you added pork to each of those dishes, they might be interesting!

The Vegan Tornado said...


Melisser said...

How much of this is vegan friendly?

Mission Street Food said...

Good question.
Four of the menu items will be vegan this week: the olives, the yuba package, the cauliflower, and the coconut sorbet.
I've updated the menu to reflect that.

Leif Hedendal said...

vegan tornado, you are like the most hardcore vegan webmaven ever. congrats. I will make you any of the non vegan stuff vegan.

-the chef

Unknown said...

This is so exciting!

CV said...

This menu looks AMAZING!!!! Can we come before 6 pm to put our name in ;-)

Mission Street Food said...

We really appreciate the eagerness to get started, but let's plan for a 6pm opening--we have other jobs and we need the time before 6 to convert Lung Shan into Mission Street Food.

meave said...

We are DYING WITH ANTICIPATION about this!! Cannot wait for tonight!

whoknows said...

Silly question, but is take-out available??

Unknown said...

best MSF ever man.