Another Inauguration

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This Thursday, Mission Street Food will begin donating all proceeds to charity. We will begin with Project Open Hand, which provides food for people living with HIV/AIDS, the homebound/critically ill, and seniors. Guest chefs/cooks will have the option of making their own charitable donation, and this week, Ryan Farr will donate some of his proceeds to the C.H.E.F.S. program.

Moving forward, we will also try to operate on a second night each week. (Details will be announced shortly.) We plan to donate everything beyond the cost of food, labor, and overhead. Therefore, we hope to be as popular and profitable as possible so that charities can receive the maximum benefit.

We hope that our decision to commit *all* profits to charity has a robust and meaningful impact on consumer decision-making, which can build and sustain a successful business, like Newman's Own, which has donated over $250 million dollars to charity. Our ultimate goal is to inspire other businesses to employ charity as a viable marketing strategy (similar to the way that environmentally responsibile products have gained momentum over the past decade). Is it so crazy to imagine that Peet's Coffee could put Starbucks out of business by going even partially charitable?

Our plans are still developing, and we'll let you know more details as they emerge. Thanks for all your past and future support.

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CV said...

It would be great to know how much $, if any, is donated at the end of each fundraising night. This might also help other well-intended up and coming chefs better understand the "profit" that comes from a night of cooking.

Thank you for what you are doing!