Closed for the rest of November

We apologize for the inconvenience, but Mission Street Food will not be at Lung Shan this week (or next week, which is Thanksgiving). We are working out the logistics of a new prep location and hope to re-open in December. We're still accepting proposals from guest chefs/cooks and at this point, we also want to hire a part-time prep or line cook.

The bottom line is that we want to keep doing Mission Street Food, but we're outgrowing our current kitchen and staff. Thanks again for your enthusiasm and support.

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Unknown said...

Would you guys consider accepting a wedding booking in the North Bay area? We're getting married in our backyard, and we have a spot for you to park the truck in the yard, with full electric, water and sewer hookups (the spot is actually designed to have an RV permanently parked, but we don't have one). We'd also be more than happy to let your staff have full use of our kitchen and whatever else you'd need as well.

Please shoot me an email and let me know! We're a very easygoing pair--no Bridezillas anywhere in sight--and if everything works out, we'd be more than happy to make whatever accommodations you needed to make this happen.

My email is sidewalkmonkey@gmail.com--thanks.