Thursday 4/30: Western Addition Beacon Center and the Food Pantry at Iglesia Presbiteriana de la Mission

This Thursday we are pleased to have Roger Feely of Nopalito and founder of Soul Cocina, a San Francisco based culinary arts project. Roger hosts cooking classes, underground dining experiences and tours in the San Francisco Bay Area and has also worked at The Flying Saucer, Platanos, and Citizen Cake. He has worked and studied on both ends of the Gypsy trail - Spain and India. This week at Mission Street Food the focus will be on North Africa and Southern Spain.

Roger will be donating part of his profits to the Beacon Culinary Project at the Western Addition Beacon Center. The center "provides quality after-school programming for youth and also serves as a community center addressing the specific needs of the Western Addition community." Roger is personally involved in this project, and visits once a week to share his passion for cooking. In addition, he has arranged for DJ Chief Boima (a site coordinator at the center) to put together a special mixtape that will be playing during dinner and available for purchase, with proceeds from these sales also going to the Beacon Center. MSF will be donating profits to the Food Pantry at Mission Presbyterian Church‎ (Iglesia Presbiteriana de la Mision) through the Mission Community Council.


duqqa lavash, goat milk yogurt, gypsy pickles [root veggies and wild fennel], green almonds, green garbanzos, fava greens - $6

ajo blanco, marcona almonds, olive oil powder - $5

bastilla of slow poached Soul Food Farm chicken - $12

papas bravas, mojama, poached quail egg, cumin sea salt - $8

mango, tomatillo, pistachio, black olives, red onion,
serrano, lime-chervil vinaigrette - $6 (or add crab for $3)

fried lamb belly, goat cheese tatziki, beet, chorizo on a
homemade flatbread - $7

Lung Shan's vegan delight: shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

black sphynx mamoul, Humphry Slocombe olive oil ice cream, rhubarb, strawberry, rose

Humphry Slocombe Red Hot Banana ice cream - $3.25 per scoop


- We will be twittering updates as "MissionStFood" on Thursdays and Saturdays.


-A said...

this sounds nice!
i like it

Unknown said...

Roger wish I could be there for this. Your menu looks amazing. I remember that ajo blanco from your Soul Cocina dinner, que sabroso!! Glad to see things are happening for you.