Thursday 4/23: Line Cook Week Part I for the Food Pantry

This Thursday we will be featuring a Pub Food menu from three promising Bay Area line cooks. Nick Spelletich works at 900 Grayson, whose burger was named by San Francisco Magazine as the best in the Bay Area. Jen Riate works the grill station at EOS as well as for Betty Zlatchin catering. Emma Sullivan is line cook/dishwasher/prep cook/sous chef/pastry chef at Mission Street Food and has worked at Eos and Bar Tartine.

Emma enjoyed working with Sara Miles and Paul Fromberg so much that the line cooks have decided to donate a share of their proceeds to their Food Pantry. MSF will follow suit and donate its profits to the Food Pantry, which can buy groceries for a family for one dollar a week.


Green Salad: asparagus, fresh peas, and tatsoi tossed with lemon vinaigrette, crispy breadcrumbs and deviled egg - $6.5

Brillat-Savarin cheese on homemade soda bread with whiskey-apple preserves and Brazil nuts - $6

Beer and Cheese soup: Roth Kase Gruyere with horseradish creme fraiche, bacon bits, and croutons - $6

Bubble and Squeak: Brussels sprouts, Peruvian potato, carrot, mashed potatoes, onion gravy, watercress - $7

Bangers Ball: Braised sausage and gravy with parsnip fritters and chips - $8.5

Corned Beef and Cabbage: with pickled red onions on our homemade flatbread - $7

Fish 'n' Chips: Halibut with batter-fried lemon "chips" and homemade caper tartar sauce - $13

Lung Shan's Vegan Delight: Shitake and oyster mushroom dumplings in miso soup - $5.5

Hot Sweet and Sticky: warm sticky toffee pudding with ginger creme fraiche - $5

Irish Car Bomb: profiteroles filled with Bailey's and Guinness ice cream and topped with whiskey chocolate glaze and candied peanuts - $6l


--$410 to Meals on Wheels.

--Don't forget to vote for your favorite outfits from last week, which Mai has posted on her site, fashioni.st. Use this link to get to just the MSF pictures. The polls will close Saturday, April 25.

--We've been named a blog of note by the blogger/google people.


The villager: said...

It's great to see you donating your profits to those in need.

Angie said...

My mouth is watering! Wish I lived in the area!!! Well done :~)

Reyjr said...

u want street food? come to Manila! :D

Anonymous said...

my favorite menu would be fish n chips.

ebed said...

Hi there!

May God bless you all for what you've done for others..

Best regards,


Mike said...

Now this is a good deed! Congratulations for doing something so worthwhile - I've been to Mission Street and sure people not only appreciate what you're doing, but are glad to help! (and congrats on Blog Of Note)

Rangga Wi said...

Hii,congrat and regard being blog of note..!!
Great blog..!!

Anonymous said...


I would definitely enjoy the "Fish and Chips", please...lol

nice blog... :)

Unknown said...

I can't wait to take a closer look at your blog. I am a formerly homeless person, so efforts like this are near and dear. I feel very lucky to have been able to-with the help of many compassionate people-stay alive and healthy while I was on the streets and in shelters.

Your recipes sound delicious!


* said...

God bless you!!

Anonymous said...