By Farr

Mission Street Food is very pleased to announce that our guest chef for Thursday December 11th will be Ryan Farr, formerly of Orson and Fifth Floor. Most recently, Ryan has been helping people get back on their feet (C.H.E.F.S. - Conquering Homelessness through Employment in Food Service). On the side, he won the award for best creative preparation at the Amuse Cochon in Napa and has been providing the city with Turduckens. Follow his endeavors and consummate butchery skills on his blog (http://bestbyfarr.wordpress.com/).


Chicharrones and Spicy Dip 3.50

Honey Baked Ham and Pork Terrine, Sauerkraut, Mustard, Celery and Date Chutney 9

Buttermilk Fried Cauliflower, Roasted Carrot Aioli 5

Corned Lengua, Fried Farm Egg, Spiced Pork Belly Rice, Fennel Sprouts 12

Pork and Kumquat Sausage, Curry Brussels Sprouts, Persimmon, Herb Salad 12

King Trumpet Mushroom, Triple-Fried Potatoes, Garlic Confit, Scallion Sour Cream on Homemade Flatbread 6 (or add Benton's bacon for an additional dollar)

Bacon and Apple Cinnamon Cookie, Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich, Maple Sherry Carmel 7

Reconstructed Pecan Pie, Bourbon Cream, and Lines of Bacon "Snow" 7

P.S. if anyone wants to cover me in the kitchen this week, I kind of want to sit down and eat this menu.

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Felix said...

Hi! I love Mission Street Food, but I was wondering, where on earth can I find those sake cans? They're awesome!